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2 Possible Ways To Withdraw Money From OPay Wallet

Recently, we’ve received lots of queries from our audience on how one can withdraw money from OPay wallet. Hence, on this page, we have decided to provide you with a simple guideline on how you can withdraw money from your OPay wallet.

It is worthy of note that OPay is not only a payment platform but also an investment platform. OPay provides lots of business opportunities for investors. So, there are so many areas you can partner with OPay. Some of the business opportunities available on OPay include:

  • OPay Wealth – This is femously known as OWealth, it is an investment platform that offers investors 10% returns on investments annually. Read More
  • OPay Agent – This is agent network platform where merchant integrate OPay payment platform with their business. As OPay agent, you earn commision for rendering financial service to OPay customers on behalf of OPay. Read More
  • OBus generally called OPay Bus – It is a transport system where you invest your money with OPay to easy movement of people.

How to Withdraw Money from OPay Wallet

OPay wallet and OPay account are used interchangeably. OPay wallet can sometimes be referred to as an OPay account. The OPay wallet helps you to pay for goods and services. However, you must first create an OPay wallet account and fund your OPay wallet before you can be able to run transactions on the OPay platform.

OPay allows users to Withdraw money from OPay wallet without issues. Users can also transfer money from their OPay wallet to their Bank account. More also, with the help of an OPay agent, you can withdraw money from your OPay account.

How to Withdraw from OPay Agent

This method is most suitable if you want cash. So, if you want to withdraw money from your Opay account, do that through an OPay agent. Locate an OPay agent nearest to you and request a cash withdrawal. The OPay agent will provide you with his or her agent account details, where you can transfer from your OPay wallet to the OPay agent wallet. Once the transfer is successful, the OPay agent will then pay you the exact amount you transferred to his/her OPay wallet.

Note that OPay will charge a fee for the service rendered, because, withdrawing money accompanies an exchange fee.

Withdrawing from OPay Wallet To Bank Account

This can be done through the OPay app. The system lets you transfer funds from your OPay wallet directly to your bank account. Follow the steps below:

  • Tap on the transfer button
  • Tap send
  • Select bank
  • fill your account details
  • Enter the amount you desire to transfer
  • Hit done and your cash will be transferred from your OPay wallet to your bank account.


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