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3 Easiest Ways to Fund an OPay Account Faster

There are easy ways you can fund an OPay account. This could be done via bank transfer or via a debit card or through an agent. Any of the methods you choose works perfectly. If you want to fund an OPay Account and need help, here we provide this easy guide to help you.

OPay operates a transparent payment platform and agent network service. The platform allows merchants to integrate their business with a payment system for easy payment of goods and services. With OPay, you can send money, receive money, purchase airtime of all networks, pay for bills, goods, and services.

OPay payment system is fast and secured. All you need to do is to create an OPay account or OPay wallet. Note, the OPay account is the same thing as the OPay wallet.

How to fund an OPay Account or OPay Wallet

As we mentioned in the introduction section, you can fund an OPay account or your OPay wallet via:

  • A bank transfer,
  • Debit card and
  • OPay agent account.

How To Fund Your OPay Wallet Via Bank Transfer

If you have created an OPay account, the next thing is to fund your OPay account. And one of the ways you can fund an OPay account or your OPay wallet is via bank transfer either from your bank app or Internet banking.

OPay agents and OPay customers can transfer funds to their OPay wallets via internet banking or through mobile apps.

Note that the phone number you used in opening your OPay wallet is usually your OPay wallet number. Hence, when filling in the details of your OPay account, the phone number you use to register becomes your Opay account number, excluding the first zero.

Take, for example, if the Phone number you use for creating an OPay account is 08087243921, then, your OPay account number would be 8087243921. Note, the first zero is excluded.

Hence, to fund your OPay wallet, follow the steps below:

  • Log in to your internet banking account.
  • Select transfer to other banks
  • Input mobile number registered on the OPay App
  • Select Paycom Nigeria limited as the beneficiary bank.
  • Input amount
  • Input your transaction pin
  • Complete the transfer process

To fund your OPay wallet with your bank app, the first thing is to download the bank app from Play Store or Apple Store depending on your device. Then, open your bank app or log in to your internet banking account. Go to the list of banks in the app and select transfer to another bank. Select OPay or Paycom Nigeria limited as the beneficiary bank. Finally, enter the amount you want to transfer and type your transaction pin. This is all that is needed and you are done.

How to Fund an OPay Account with Debit card

The process of funding your OPay wallet with your ATM debit card involves linking your debit card with your OPay account.

Both agents and customers can easily fund their wallets by adding their bank debit cards to their accounts. Follow the quick guide below on how to add your bank debit card to your OPay account.

  • From the app, go to balance
  • Tap on add money
  • From the option, select add new payment
  • Tap on the card icon
  • Enter your bank bebit card details
  • Enter the amount you want to fund your OPay wallet with
  • Type your debit card CVV numbe. Note, your CVV is the 3 digit number found at the back of your debit card.
  • Then, select add money
  • Enter the OTP sent to your mobile to complete the transaction
  • Enter your pin for verification and
  • Then, tap done.

Your OPay account will be credited from your bank account.

How to Fund Your Wallet with OPay Agent

You can also fund your OPay wallet through the OPay agent. All you need to do is to locate an accredited OPay agent in your area. Provide the agent with your OPay wallet details and the amount you want to transfer, the OPay agent will then credit your wallet.


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