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Activate Walmart Gift Cards | Check Balance | Convert Walmart to PayPal

Walmart gift cards come with pre-loaded cash in which can be used to buy gifts for loved ones. However, before you use the Walmart gift card, you have to activate the card. So we’ve put together instructions on how to Activate Walmart Gift Cards? Check Walmart Gift Card Balance and Convert Walmart Gift Card to PayPal.

How to Activate Walmart Gift Cards

This simple instruction guides you on how to Activate Walmart Gift Cards. There are three ways you can activate Walmart gift cards. This can be done either by the phone, online or at a Walmart store. You will need the ID number, activation code, and PIN to get started.

Before activating Walmart gift cards, note the following:

  • When you place an order for a Walmart gift card, Walmart will send you an email with instructions on how to activate your card. Hence, you should ensure the correct address is listed on your Walmart account.
  • The Walmart gift card PIN is located on the back of the card or in the email that discloses the electronic gift card number.
  • The ID number, activation code and PIN on the card are useful when activating your Walmart gift card by phone. There is a sticker on the card hiding the above details, if there is no such information, then the card is probably already activated.

Activating by Phone

Walmart has a toll-free number that you can call to get your Walmart gift card activated. The Walmart toll-free number is normally written on the gift card and also included in the email from Walmart.

Call the toll-free number on the card to activate it, if the card is not already activated. Have the card close to you when calling the toll-free number to enable you to access the necessary information on the card.

You can either follow the automated voice prompts or speak to a live customer service representative to activate the Walmart gift card. If that does not work, you should try other Walmart customer service numbers which you can find here.

You can call customer service for help activating your Walmart gift card if you faced any challenges.

Activating Online

Follow the steps below to activate your Walmart Gift card online:

  • Launch your web browser.
  • Open the URL sent to you in the email from Walmart. The URL should also be on the Walmart gift card you received. Be sure to type the correct URL as there are similar sites by hackers meant to steal these gift cards.
  • Enter the ID number, activation code and PIN if requested. They will be in the email you received from Walmart.
  • Once you input the activation code and access your card, it will be automatically activated. You can register your card if you want further protection against theft.

Activating Your Walmart Gift Card At the Walmart Store

You can also activate your Walmart Gift Card at the offline store. While purchasing your Walmart gift card, Walmart will give you the option of the exact amount you want to load onto the card. So, you can decide on the amount that you want to load into the card.

Once after purchase and have your Walmart gift card loaded with the exact amount you want, Walmart will activate the gift card. Hence, confirm with the cashier to ensure that the gift card is properly activated. Then, the cashier will give you a receipt as confirmation of the activation.

However, you can check for more information about different Walmart gift cards online.

How to Check Walmart Gift Cards Balance?

If you want to know your Walmart gift card balance or see your Walmart Gift Card transaction history, there are three ways you can do that. Firstly, is by visiting the offline store, secondly by checking online, and lastly by calling the Walmart toll-free number:

Checking Walmart Gift Card Balance Online:

  • Firstly, go your browser.
  • Login to walmart.com/account/giftcards/balance wit your web browser using the search bar.
  • The Walmart gift cards balance page will open. Enter your Gift Card numbe and the Pin (4 digit number) at the backside of your card.
  • Complete the captcha and then click on Get Card Balance button.


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