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How to Add Grammarly Extension to Chrome and Mozilla

Grammarly’s app for Chrome, Mozilla, and other web browsers assists in grammar and spelling checking. Grammarly is an online editor that helps the writer make his ideas more comprehensive, clear, and compelling. To learn how to add Grammarly extension in your web browser, continue reading this article. We have provided a step-by-step guide to help walk you through the process.

Grammarly’s app keyboard integrates easily and freely with all apps, and it is easy to set up. Because it can easily integrate with all browsers and apps, you can add Grammarly extension for Chrome, Mozilla, and other browsers, and this article covers everything from the process of downloading to creating an account and even setting up your Grammarly.

Also, note that Grammarly has both a free and premium account. You can always upgrade your account to leverage more advanced features.

Grammarly for Chrome and Other Web Browser

Here we are teaching you how to download and add Grammarly extension to Chrome, Opera, and UC Browser. Once you have the Grammarly added for Chrome available on your device, the extension is also compatible Chrome and with a few other browsers, like Opera and UC Browser. So, you will be using the same method to add Grammerly extension on your other browsers.

Grammarly App works better when your web browser is updated, so make sure it is up-to-date. We are starting first with Google Chrome.

How to Add Grammarly Extension to Chrome

There are three basic steps to add Grammarly extension to your Chrome browser. Below, we explain every step in detail.

Step 1. Open/launch your chrome browser

Just as we said before, your browser has to be up-to-date, and after that, you can open your browser, simply type in the keyword “download Grammarly in the Chrome Toolbar,” and then locate the right/official page for the Google Chrome App Store.

But to make it easier, we have provided a link you can click through to jump-start you on the downloading page. Click here on Grammarly for Chrome for fast download.

Step 2. Start The Download

Once you are on the page, click on “Add to Chrome”. Then a notification pops up asking for your permission to add Grammarly extension to your browser. Simply click “Add Extension” to continue.

On clicking “Add Extension” your browser will display “Checking”, meaning checking the update of your browser version and, at the same time, installing the Grammarly Web App for Chrome.

Step 3. You Installation is Completed, Now Login

After the successful installation, you should see the Grammarly icon on the right side (top) of the browser. Now you should log in or sign up for a free account to start using the tool forever free. Once you log in, Grammarly should start correcting on compatible platforms such as social media pages, website editors, etc.

How to Add Grammarly Extension in Mozilla

To add Grammarly extension to Mozilla Web-browser, follow these steps below:

  1. Click the link to Log on to Mozilla Web App Page here
  2. Then click on “Add to Firefox “
  3. Wait for the Extension to install completely.

Once you complete the installation process, your Grammarly extension for Mozilla is ready for use.

Add Grammarly Extension to Other Web Browser

To get same web app installed on a Non-Chrome browser simple follow the steps below,

  1. launch the browser, for example, opera.
  2. Then copy the link above to access the same page
  3. Then follow other steps as shown above. It’s the same procedure.

and you are done downloading and installing the Grammarly App for Opera and UC Browser to work just like Chrome.

I hope this page provided the solution you seek. Feel free to use the comment box below to ask your question or contribute; we are here to assist you.


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