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How to Apply for Google Store Financing: Pay over 24 months

If you want to purchase Google products and pay in installments, the best way to do so is to apply for Google Store Financing. Google Store Financing allows you to pay for your Google Store Product purchase over time. You will need a Google account and must sign in to use Google Store.

Google Store Financing

Google store financing is traditionally an installments payment plan offered by Google directly through the Google store. The store financing often provides you an interest-free period in which you can pay off over time for the Google Store Product you want.

Google Store financing card is a credit card issued and serviced by:

  • Synchrony Bank for purchases made on the Google Store in the United States only
  • Klarna Bank AB for purchases made on the Google Store in the UK only.
  • Splitit to manage the monthly installments for purchases made on Google Store in Japan only.

How Does Google Store Financing Work

Understanding Google Store Financing helps you to get the most out of the store financing offer. Google Store Financing card is available only in the United States (US), United Kingdom(UK), and Japan. This implies only purchases made from the Google Store in the US, UK, and Japan are covered. Hence, purchases made outside the Google Store are not covered.

In the United States, the United Kingdom, and Japan, Google Store credit card financing is issued and serviced by Synchrony Bank, Klarna Bank, and Splitit respectively. It is a full monthly payment option and is available for all existing and new customers. However, anyone can apply for Google Store financing and, if the account is approved, the new financing account can be used to finance qualifying purchases from Google Store over time within the approved credit limit.

Google Store qualifying purchases include phone purchases, in which you can spread your payments over 24 months in equal amounts and still enjoy a 0% APR. You can as well enjoy 0% APR on other qualifying purchases apart from Phone purchases and make payment within the promotional period.

Such qualifying purchases include purchases of items (non-phone purchases) above $149 and below $299. In this category, your payment is spread over 6 months special financing period. However, for item purchases of $299 and above, your payments are spread over 12 months special financing period. While purchases of items of $149 or less, standard Google Store Financing terms will apply.

How to Apply for Store financing

First, you will be applying for a line of credit of the total amount at checkout. If you are approved you would be able to complete your purchase right away. You will then receive an email with your login details to access your account where you can make payments.

Store Financing Option for United States

For US residents, you’re applying for Google Store financing with Synchrony Bank’. Synchrony is the bank Google is contracting to operate the Google Store Financing credit. So, to get started, follow the simple steps below:

  • Visit the Google Store Financing website
  • Select the Monthly Payments option at check for Google Store.
  • You’ll be directed to Synchrony Bank’s website to complete the application.
  • Fill in the application form. You’ll need to provide your financial information, such as your Social Security Number, address, and annual income.
  • Once your information is accurate, submit your application.

Application processing time may differ. You might get approval immediately, or you might have to wait for a decision. Review the complete Terms and Conditions for more details on Google Store Financing.

If you need to subscribe to Pixel Pass, Google Store Financing is the only payment method available through Google Store.


  • Google does not store any of your financing information including account information, balances, or payments.
  • If you want to make payments or check your total balance for Google Store Financing, visit Synchrony Bank or call 866-794-8802.

Store Financing Option for United Kingdom

For UK residents, Google Store Financing is operated and managed by Klarna Bank. Hence, to apply for financing, follow the steps below:

  • Visit the Google Store Financing website. When you get the Finance with Google option at checkout.
  • Select the Monthly Payments option before check out.
  • You’ll be directed to the Klarna website to complete the application.
  • Once approved, finish your purchase with your new Google Store Financing account.

Review the complete Terms and Conditions for more details on Google Store Financing.

Note the following:

  • Google does not store your financing information, balances, or payments.
  • However, if you want to make payments or to check your balance, visit Klarna or call 0808 189 3333.
  • You must be at least 18 and a UK resident to use Google Store Financing.

Installments Payment Option for Japan

Japan residents will pay for Google Store purchases in monthly installments with Splitit visa Visa or Mastercard credit card. No need for an application form or credit check.

  • Visit the Google Store Financing website
  • Select the Monthly Payments option before checkout.
  • Select Continue to go to the checkout page.
  • Choose “Pay in Installments” to select your Visa or Mastercard credit card.
  • Then, complete your Google Store purchase.

Your installment payments will be charged monthly to your credit card. Splitit will pre-authorize the balance on your credit card and will be reduced every month until the payment plan is complete. Once you complete your payment, Splitit will send an email to you about checking on your installments.



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