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Banggood Dropshipping Program – 6 Easy Steps to Dropship on Banggood

If you are looking for an eCommerce site that offers a wide range of dropshipping programs, then, Banggood is the answer. In our Banggood Dropshipping Program Guide, we will discuss how to dropship on Banggood and make money online.

Banggood is a Chinese e-commerce company that provides retail goods to meet customer satisfaction. The company established partnership programs which include wholesale, affiliate, and dropshipping with BGpay for in-store payment options. All of these services are all hosted on their global e-commerce website and offer a convenient opportunity to drop shippers.

Banggood Dropshipping program remains one great way to have a business without having to manage stock inventory by yourself. This allows you to pay more attention to marketing strategy and allow Banggood to handle product logistics.

Banggood Dropshipping Program Registration

Create a Banggood Seller Account

Do you really want to become a Banggood dropship seller? Did you know you can use Banggood for dropshipping? If you are interested in Banggood dropshipping program, you will have to register for a Banggood seller account. Bannggood seller account registration is simple and easy. To get started, follow the steps below:

  1. Head straight to banggood.com,
  2. Click on Register
  3. Enter your email and password
  4. Check the two small boxes to accept banggood terms of use and pravicy policy

Checking the small box show that you have agreed to Banggood Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Finally, click on the Register button to complete the Banggood Seller Account Registration process. Banggood will send a confirmation email to you. Just log in to the email you use to create a Banggood account and click on Verify Now to make your account safe.

Register for Banggood Dropship Program

The next action you will take is to register for the Banggood dropship program. The process is simple and easy. To join the Banggood dropshipping program go to your My Account page and click on it. A new page will pop up, go to the lower-left corner of the page, you will see the Program Center, just click on it.

Now, from the Program Center page, select the Dropship Program from the option. Fill in the needed information on the Dropship Program page and checkmark the Terms of Use before clicking the Submit button.

Then, wait for the notification email from Banggood. Banggood will activate your dropship account within 24 hours. Once your dropship program is approved, you will receive another email notification confirming that you have been included in the program. The email notification will also contain steps on how to start your dropshipping program with Banggood.

Get Banggood Dropship Agreement

If you are dropshipping on marketplaces like eBay or Amazon, there are possibilities you will be asked to provide a dropship agreement from the suppliers you work with. This is why Banggood is offering to provide a dropshipping agreement for you if you are taking part in their dropshipping program.

To get the Banggood dropship agreement, you will have to contact the dropshipping customer support at [email protected]

Use the following format to request the agreement:

Dear Banggood Team,
My name is “Your Name” and I would like to apply for reselling certification letter. Please review my details below:

Registered email in Banggood:
Full Name:
Store Name:
Store Link:
Automation software:

Thank you,
Your Name

How Banggood Dropshipping work

The way Banggood Dropshipping works is simple and straightforward. Just choose a product from the Banggood store. Then advertise it on your store or online. Once a customer buys it, upload their order, or use an API to tell Banggood your order. Then, Banggood packs and ships the order directly to your customer.

Summary On How to Dropship On Banggood

  1. Registration / Publication: Apply to be a dropship customer at Banggood, and publish products.
  2. List Banggood products on your store: Find the products at our site and get it listed on your shop.
  3. Get orders from your customer: Promote your store and have the items sold.
  4. Forward the orders to Banggood: Place the order at Banggood when you receive any orders from your customer.
  5. Order shipped to your customers without Banggood information on the package: Package will be shipped to your customer without knowing any information of Banggood.
  6. Save the price difference as profits:You are free to set the price on your store and the price difference are all yours.

Benefits of Banggoood Dropship Program

  • No fees
  • Personalized recommendations
  • No watermark photos
  • 5-20% discount
  • Banggood dropship API for eBay and custom connections
  • eBay management center
  • CSV import of orders


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