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How to Become a BuyPower Agent – BuyPower.ng 3 best steps guide

Become a BuyPower Agent or Merchant in your neighborhood. Make good money by Recharging Prepaid Meters Accounts and Paying Electricity Bill for people in your neighborhood. If you are interested, find out how you can become a Buypower Agent, Create an account with BuyPower, and offer utility bills payment services to people in your area.

The entry of BuyPower technology has helped to eliminate the long-standing queues usually experienced at the premises of most power holding companies in Nigeria.

BuyPower is simplifying the process in which consumers’ utility payment works in Nigeria and how energy is accessed across Africa.

The introduction of BuyPower.ng allows customers to now conveniently buy electricity energy and recharge their prepaid meter online in the comfort of their homes.

This article explains in detail:

Who is a BuyPower Agent?

A BuyPower Agent/Merchant is a person who helps make utility payments for customers on BuyPower.ng at the retail or wholesale level and gets paid for rendering such services.

As a BuyPower agent, you will be helping customers easily purchase electricity units for their prepaid meters.

A BuyPower agent can subsidize service charges and a commission on every transaction carried out for customers. As a BuyPower Agent, you are allowed to offer services to customers anywhere and any time using the BuyPower Merchant App.

Requirements Need to Become a BuyPower Agent

BuyPower.ng doesn’t require much from you to become a BuyPower Agen or Merchant. All you need to become an agent/merchant with BuyPower include:

  • Strong and constant internet connection
  • Smartphone or other device,
  • Small amount to start which will be stored in your merchant wallet. Merchant wallet is your account on BuyPower for your daily transactions.

How to Become a BuyPower Agent/Merchant

BuyPower.ng Merchant is a medium for business-minded individuals who wish to operate as a BuyPower.ng agent.

To become a BuyPower.ng agent, click this link to register. On the registration page, you will be required to provide your personal information:

  1. Your name,
  2. Phone number,
  3. Your state,
  4. Email address,
  5. Click on the Apply button to complete the process. BuyPower.ng team will reach out to you

Alternatively, you can simply send a WhatsApp message to BuyPower.ng head agent, Victoria. Indicate in your message your interest to become a BuyPower Agent.

Once you’ve done that, BuyPower.ng will brief you on the next steps to take, along with the details of your benefits as an agent.

How to Create A BuyPower Account

To successfully access the BuyPower.ng platform, you must create an account with BuyPower. ng. This can be done by downloading the BuyPower app. from Google Play Store for Android phones or getting it on the Apple Store for iOS phones.

Launch the app, and enter all your personal data such as your name, and phone number. active email address and finally set a password. Then, click “Register to continue.” This process will create the BuyPower account required for your transactions.

Alternatively, login to BuyPower.ng Registration page to create an account. On the Buypower login page, enter your mobile number on the field. A sign-up page will be displayed on your screen. Fill in your name, and your email address (optional) and create a password you can easily remember.

How to Pay or Buy Electricity Bill online

You can always buy and recharge your electricity units offline. This means going to the offline store or power holding office but this can be more stressful. This is why we decided to show you the best way to buy it online. It’s less stressful and saves time and resources.

However, BuyPower is an online platform that allows electricity users to buy electricity units online. Therefore, once you run out of electricity units, you can simply buy and recharge online using a mobile app, log into the BuyPower homepage via a web browser, or dial a mobile shortcode.

Now we will walk in through this Step by Step guide:

  1. Visit www.buypower.ng or use the Buypower app to gain access to the order page.
  2. Once you login, the order page will display on your screen. What to do:
    1. Select your state;
    2. Enter your meter number,
    3. Enter amount of energy units you want to purchase
    4. Select the payment type (Mastercard/visa card, verve card and USSD/bank transfer) and
    5. Click on continue to payment information.
  3. The name and address registered on the electricity distribution company’s system, the meter number, and the total amount will be displayed on the review page to check if the details are valid.
  4. Click on pay, enter your card information if you are paying with your card, you could also select an option to either “Pay with card” or ‘Pay with bank’.
  5. Once you have successfully paid, your token is sent as an SMS to your registered mobile number, your email and also saved as transactions on your account.
  6. The token is the electricity unit number you purchased.
  7. Enter the twenty (20) digit number token into your meter.
    And you are done.

NOTE: You can make payments via credit card, bank transfers, and more…


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