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How to Create a Gmail Account with Mobile Number in 2022

To create a Gmail account, sign up for a Google Account. Google account helps you to sign in to Gmail YouTube, Google Play, Google Drive, and other Google products with your username and password. You can create a Gmail account following this simple guide.

Why Should I Create a Gmail Account?

Gmail is a user-friendly mailing service platform. It is easy to access and use. Google offers a Gmail account for free with a free 15GB of storage capacity to enable users to save files.

Google Gmail account has the best spam filter when compared to other mailing service servers. Gmail spam filter helps to organize and identify which emails are spam and send them to the spam folder.

Gmail has the highest number of email users worldwide. It is followed by Hotmail’s Outlook, which hosts about half a billion users.

The Gmail interface has a good number of tools that keep your email activist smart. Some of the tools include the taskbar, calendar, and a lot more which help to organize your email account.

One good thing about Gmail is that it allows you to use your username and password to access Google products like YouTube, Google Play, Google Drive, and even Google Finance.

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How to Create a Gmail Account

You can create a Gmail account from the Gmail mobile app or via the Google account sign-up page on a computer.

To help you make the process fast and easy, we’ll walk you through every single step you need to create a Gmail account.

  • First, launch your browser. Go to Google Account sign up page. By default, the page contain a registration form you need to create a Gmail account. The registration form requires you to provide:
    • your first name and last name (This is your Google Account information)
    • username (this will be your Gmail address)
    • your password ( which becomes your gmail login password). Ensure your password contains number and special characters to make it strong.
Google Account creation Image
Google Account Creation Page
  • Click on the “Next” button to continue with the Gmail registration process. On clicking the next button a Google welcome page appears. The new page contains your new Gmail address. Here, you are required to provide:
    • your phone number and a recovery email address. (though it is optional but necessary for security purposes).
    • date of birth details
    • your gender.
    • click on the next button to continue with the process.
  • Finaly, Agree to Gmail Privacy and Terms Condition by clicking on the “I agree” button to complete your Gmail new account registration.

Once you agree with the Google privacy and terms, you will receive a verification code. In a few minutes after verification, your Gmail account will be ready for use.

Username aken

Sometimes, when we want to create a Gmail account, we discovered that the username we want to use is no longer ava.

What to do if your username is already taken by another user. All you need to do is just be creative. Think of a possible thing to use to differentiate. You can simply add your middle name or nickname to it.

That is all the steps you need to create a Gmail account.

How to Sign Out of Gmail Account

By default, Gmail keeps you signed in on your device unless you sign out. If you are using a public system to access your Gmail account or share your device with other people, it’s important you sign out of your Gmail account each time you visit Gmail.

To sign out of your Gmail account. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Go to the Google profile icon in the top right of the screen.
  • Click Sign out
  • Google will sign you out instantly.


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