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How to Create Facebook Avatar on Android and iPhone

With the launch of its Avatar feature, Facebook now allows users to create a cartoon version of themselves. If you’ve never heard of the Facebook Avatar before and are curious about what it’s all about, you’re at the right place. We’ll learn everything there is to know about Facebook Avatar on this page, including how to make one.

Facebook Avatar Maker: What Is It?

Facebook launched a new function in 2018 called Facebook avatar maker, also known as Facebook avatar creator. However, it debuted in Australia in June 2019 as a part of a trial. With the help of this tool, users may make cartoon characters like Apple’s Memoji and Snapchat’s Bitmoji.

You can now express yourself in a variety of ways with your own unique avatar thanks to the Facebook avatar maker. Therefore, the days of only utilizing the standard thumbs-up, angry, sad, and happy emojis on Facebook are officially over.

Similar to Facebook Dating, the new Avatar function is a part of the standard Facebook app. You don’t need to download any additional apps or set up any extensions in order to utilize an avatar on Facebook. All you have to do to get started is turn on the avatar option within the Facebook app.


We’d like to look at the elements that allow one to build a cartoon character of themselves before we get into detail on how to create an avatar on Facebook.

The distinctive qualities listed below are what distinguish the Facebook avatar:

  • Hairstyle
  • Hair color
  • Face shape
  • Face line
  • Eye shape and color
  • Makeup
  • Eyebrows
  • Nose shape
  • Facial hair
  • Body shape
  • Outfits

How to Create Facebook Avatar on Desktop Computer

We’ll walk you through the process of building a fresh Facebook avatar on your computer in a few simple steps.

  1. Go to https://web.facebook.com/ and sign in to your Facebook account.
  2. Select the menu.
  3. To find the avatar function, scroll down the list and select See More.
  4. Select the Avatars option.
  5. Click “Get Started.”
  6. You are now looking at the avatar creation screen.
  7. Begin personalizing your own avatar by selecting the appropriate skin tone, face shape, facial features (eye shape, lip shape, eyebrow shape, nose shape), hairstyle, body type, and clothing to resemble you.

If you’re unsure of your specific face lines or characteristics, a mirror symbol is located in the upper right corner of the screen; tap on it to activate the camera. Select your face lines as you now look at yourself inside the tiny rectangle.

When finished, hit the PassMark icon in the top right corner to save your personalized avatar. The page that follows shows your avatar. Finally, click Done after clicking the Next button. You only need that, and your avatar is ready to use.

How to Create an Avatar on iOS or Android

We’ll outline the procedures in this part for making an avatar on Facebook with an iOS or Android device. You can simply follow the instructions below to build your own avatar if you wish to.

  • Open the Facebook app on your iOS or Android device. Then, on the right side of your screen, click the three horizontal lines.
  • Click the “See More” link after swiping down the page.
  • Pick avatars and,
  • Select Next.
  • Select the one that best matches your skin tone, then clicks Next.
  • You may now modify your avatar to reflect your own features by choosing your preferred haircut, hair color, face shape, face line, eye shape and color, makeup, eyebrows, nose shape, facial hair, physique type, wardrobe, etc. from each section. Be aware that the mirror icon feature allows you to see how you actually appear. You can view it on your screen camera by simply clicking on it.
  • Once you’ve chosen your avatar’s features, click the checkbox to the right of your screen to store it.
  • Click Next after the screen has loaded.
  • Your avatar is now ready for usage after you click Done.

Where can I use the Facebook avatar that I created?

You can use your pre-created Facebook avatar in a number of different locations on Facebook, including:

  • Facebook Feed
  • Comment Section
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Facebook Profile
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

and a lot of other locations as well. However, Facebook frequently creates stickers from your avatar for use in comments and on third-party applications like Snapchat.

Facebook Feed

There is an arrow-shaped button at the top right of your screen that you can click as soon as you are through creating your avatar. To share your avatar on Facebook or to make it your temporary profile image, click the arrow.

Click on the sticker icon below the arrow to view the many Avatar stickers that are offered. Additionally, click the pencil symbol to make any modifications to your avatar.

This is also straightforward if you decide to make your avatar your Facebook profile photo. Click the arrow button in the Facebook app’s avatar area. Then, decide whether to publish it on your Facebook page or use it as your profile photo.

Additionally, select a background and a stance for your profile photo before clicking the Next button. Additionally, you can choose whether the profile photo will be permanent or temporary. After making your decision, select “Save,” and you’re done.

Comment Section

By selecting your avatar symbol after tapping the smiling face button in the comment box, you can use your personalized stickers in the comments.

In order words, simply click the smiley face next to the gif symbol, then tap the avatar button at the bottom of the page to utilize your avatar in the comment box.

Facebook Messenger

Simply tap the happy face icon in Facebook Messenger to switch to your avatar. then select the icon for your avatar. Decide which avatar sticker to use.

Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, and Mail

You can access your new avatar stickers in the Facebook app’s avatar area if you want to utilize your customized avatar in applications like Snapchat, Mail, Twitter, and Instagram. Three icons are visible from the app in the top right corner of the screen. All of your personalized avatar stickers are accessible by just clicking the Sticker icon.

To use it, simply press on the sticker and choose the app you want to send it to. You can transmit it via Messenger or in a different technique. When you select More Options, a new screen will open up with a variety of sharing options for you to pick from. Simply choose the contacts you wish to send your avatar to from your contact list, whichever sharing option you decide to use.

How to Change a Facebook Avatar

There is a place where you can make adjustments to your avatar. In the avatar area, there is a pencil-shaped icon. The Edit feature is that. You can alter the attire or any other aspect you choose using this function. You may make changes by just clicking the pencil symbol in the top right corner.


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