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DStv Agent Zimbabwe: How to Become a MultiChoice Dealer in Zimbabwe

MultiChoice DStv Agent Zimbabwe is one of the quickest ways you can make money in Zimbabwe. If you’re from Zimbabwe or live in Zimbabwe and want to become part of the DStv agent Zimbabwe. Multichoice Zimbabwe provides training and issues licenses for agent services to conduct the opening of new accounts, Sells DStv products, and provides installation and maintenance services to valued clients.

So, if you are interested in MultiChoice DStv agent Zimbabwe and want to register. This article offers you a complete guide on how to become a DStv agent or dealer in Zimbabwe.

However, before we proceed with the complete details on how to become a part of MultiChoice DStv agent Zimbabwe, we would like to highlight the major types of DStv agent services available and their basic functions.

Types Of MultiChoice DStv Agent Zimbabwe

There are two major types of DStv agent/distributor:

  • DStv Super Agents/Distributors/Dealers
  • DStv Sub Agents/Dealers

DStv Super Agents/Distributors

The DSTV Super agents/distributors/ dealers are partners and represent the MultiChoice group in all capacities in their locality. They’re financially buoyant enough to go into a franchise with Multichoice group. DStv super-agent/distributor is a huge capital investment and may run into millions of ZWD. Super dealers are whole sellers of DStv products.

Roles of DStv Super Agents/Dealers

  • Providing after-sales support for DStv users.
  • They are whole sellers of DStv products.
  • DStv super dealers organize training for DStv sub-agents on installation and maintenance services.

DStv Sub Agent/Dealers

DStv Sub-agents are trained experts who handle technical issues. They are equipped with technical skills to handle DStv technical-related issues. DStv sub-dealers buy DStv equipment from a DStv super-agent in small quantities and then sell it to DStv users. A DStv sub-agent will require a lesser capital to get started when compared to the DStv super agent.

Roles of DStv Sub Agents/Dealers

  • Provides DStv installation and maintenance services
  • Selling DStv products or equipment to customers.
  • Provides subscription and activation service to DStv users.
  • Fixing of DStv errors

Overall Functions of DStv distributors or agents

As a DStv Agent, you are required to provide certain services to all DStv customers. Some of such services you are expected to handle include;

  • The provision of after-sales support to clients.
  • The activation of new subscribers.
  • Sale or exchange of obsolete decoders for newer models. eg. DStv Explora
  • Provision of technical services such as the installation of the dishes for clients
  • Subscription renewal and activation of new subscribers.
  • Customer service.

How to become MultiChoice DStv Agent in Zimbabwe

Now, we will go into the focus of the article, which is; how to become a DStv Agent in Zimbabwe. So, we will be walking you through the basic steps that you need to get started.

Get Capital

Money is the first requirement to operate a successful DSTV dealer or agent business. You will need money to acquire a franchise license from the MultiChoice group and be able to purchase DStv equipment in large quantities as a super dealer or distributor.

Even as a sub-dealer, you also need money before you can get started. You will need money to be trained by the super agent. And if you need to be selling DStv equipment on a retailer level, you would need money for that. So capital availability is the core determinant in getting started.

If you have enough capital to afford a start-up cost of a franchise, then you may consider going for a DSTV super distributor or agent. Otherwise, you may have to start as a DSTV sub-agent. When you have enough capital, you can then pay the necessary fee to become a DSTV super agent.

Get Training

MultiChoice is the parent company for DStv and offers training for interested individuals who would like to become either accredited dealers or certified installers. Below we’ve to use bullet points to highlight the basic steps on how to become a MultiChoice DStv Agent Zimbabwe.

  • Download the registration form from the DStv website
  • Fill out the form and send it to the company e-mail shown on that link.

Agent/Dealer Requirements

The agent requirements of the MultiChoice Group involve the payment of a franchise fee to the company for Super dealers. MultiChoice will then provide you with the necessary information and materials you need to get started as distributors or agents.

However, to qualify as an installer, you will need to do the followings:

  • Register for agent interest
  • Attend technical training courses held by Multichoice
  • Take formal assessment examinations.
  • Posses a customer relationship to be able to handle DStv customers complains

As a DStv dealer with Multichoice Zimbabwe, you have to deal with customers carefully and see that their issues are solved. Make sure you find solutions to all of their complaints.


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