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DSTV Error Codes & Meaning: How to Fix Error Code on DSTV

Occasionally, we are faced with the issue of DStv error codes popping up on our TV screen. Some of these errors may be loss of signal due to bad weather, obstruction of wrong dish installation, and faulty or bad cables.

However, most of the error signals and messages we receive can be temporary if caused by a light thunderstorm. The error can be permanent if they are coming from faulty or obstructed dish installation. Hence it requires the service of professional dish installers to handle your DStv installation or connect your DStv Explora to the internet to enjoy more DStv Catch-Up.

However, on this page, we have outlined good numbers of common DStv error codes and how to resolve them easily. And like you may be facing one or more of these errors. So, let us get started as we help you find a solution to them.

List of DStv Error Codes and How to Fix Error Codes

E16 Error code

The E16 error is normally experienced when your DSTV subscription has expired. To fix error 16. all you need is to resubscribe your DStv channels. But if your subscription is still active and the E16 error message persists. then the Smartcard is not enabled for this channel.

Go to DStv self-service website. First, ensure you switch on your decoder and insert your Smartcard properly before continuing. Then, press the MENU button on your DStv remote control. Press 4 to check your messages.

On the DStv self-service website page. Do the followings:

  • Click on the Select Error Code Button
  • Select E16 from the drop-down list.
  • Choose a code model or enter your Smartcard number
  • Click Fix

A message will pop up indicating that the error has been fixed. Now, check your decoder and TV to see that services have been reactivated.

Alternatively, If your DStv subscription is still active, you can reset the DStv E16 via USSD by dialing *288#.

DStv Error Codes 05

The error o5 code normally occurs when the smartcard is not inserted correctly or is faulty.

How to fix

To resolve or fix error 05, simply remove the smartcard from the decoder and gently clean it up with a dry soft cloth. Reinsert the smartcard into your DStv decoder correctly. No doubt this action will clear the error, but if after you have done this and the problem persists, you may visit the nearest Multichoice Centre with your decoder to exchange the smartcard or try to reset it.

DStv Error 18

This is when the DStv decoder is undergoing the activation process. It usually occurs when your DStv service is scrambled or if the decoder has been disconnected from its satellite or power source for a long period. You may also experience this error when there is an incorrect Smartcard inserted inside the decoder, or when the correct card is inserted incorrectly

How to fix

To fix and clear the E18 error, ensure you connect back anything that has been disconnected, Then, insert the correct card back and ensure it is inserted correctly, Plug the decoder to the power source and then reboot the decoder. If the error 18 persists for more hours, contact Multichoice number 012 422 2222 to help reset your decoder.

DStv Error codes 19

DStv Error code 19 indicates that your decoder has been disconnected for a long from your TV. To resolve this error, just reactivate your decoder by dialing *120*68584# on your smartphone and follow the instructions as displayed. But if you can’t fix it by yourself you may call the Multichoice number 012 422 2222 for assistance.

Error 38 Code

When the Program map on your DSTV is not available, then, the problem is an error code 38. To fix the error, contact any local DSTV installers to repair your signal dish problem.

Error 42-32 code

If you see an error like “the Pin on the Parental feature has been blocked” displayed on your TV screen, then, what you’re experiencing is DStv Error Codes 42-32.

To fix this, simply contact the Multichoice number 012 422 2222 to help you reset your pin and the error will clear.

Error code 30

When your subscription status is being validated. You can fix the error by dialing *120*68584# and following the instructions on your smartphone display. Or contact Multichoice number 012 422 2222 to validate your subscription.

Error code 37

This error pops up if the channel you have selected does not exist. Fix the error by pressing the correct number of the channel you want to watch But if you are not sure of the number, use your DSTV channel guide to get the channel number.

Error 43

This occurs when the DStv limitation of broadcasting prevents the user from watching channels in the wrong country. This error cannot be fixed unless the user opens an account from an address in the country for which the channel is intended.

Error 44

If the channel is Parental Guidance blocked. Or if the TV guide data or event information is not available. To resolve error 44, Check the PG Block restriction levels on your DSTV or if the Pin is blocked. Also, check if the data on the TV guide is available.

Error Code 45

There’s a service restriction that prohibits the user from viewing selected services due to incompatible conditional access. This can be solved by calling the Multichoice number 012 422 2222 to help reset selected channels.

DStv Error Codes 101-29

There is no PVR product added to your DSTV smartcard. This problem can fix itself but it doesn’t, call the Multichoice number 012 422 2222 to get a special command to fix it

DStv Error Codes 48-32

DStv error codes 48-32 normally show this error on your TV screen “no signal”. Error 48-32 occurs due to bad weather, faulty installation of satellite dishes, and obstruction

To fix the error, wait for the bad weather to clear and everything will come back to normal. but if the problem persists after the bad weather has gone, then, you will have to call one of the local DSTV installers close to you to check your connections, cables, and the alignment of your LNB and satellite dish.

DStv Error Codes 55-4

Sometimes, you can experience DStv errors like “The products found on your smartcard have already expired, and the symptom is a loss of Video and Audio”. To fix this error, simply reset your DSTV decoder by switching it on and off at the main menu.

Error Code 102

Error 102 indicates that the PVR function on your DSTV has not been loaded to your account. If you experience this error, call the Multichoice number 012 422 2222 to fix the issue.

Error code 107

When your Smartcard is not paired with your DSTV decoder. Fix the error by linking your smartcard to the decoder properly. To link your smartcard. simply by dialing *120*68584# and following the instructions displayed on your smartphone. However, you can call the Multichoice number 012 422 2222 for assistance if you can’t fix the error by yourself.

DStv Error Codes 120-4

The code date on your smartcard does not match the date of the broadcast on the channel. To fix this, you can exchange the DSTV smartcard at the Multichoice center.

Error Code 132

We observed error 132 when the smartcard number is not authorized to playback or retrieve data from the DStv decoder’s hard drive. To solve the error 132 issues, contact the local DStv installers to help you check your DStv decoder and reformat the hard drive.

DStv Error Codes 133-4

The smartcard time stamp is not synchronized with the channel that is playing. To fix the smartcard, contact the Multichoice center. But if the smartcard is not the problem, you can also call one of the local DStv installers to check the signal and fix the issue.

DStv Error Codes 143-4

When the secondary DSTV decoder could not receive the heartbeat, you are having an error 143-4 issue. Call your local DSTV installers to visit your home and check the connectivity of the heartbeat cable on your TV.

Error Code 144

Error 144 indicates that your DStv Xtraview is paired on the wrong home network. Call the Multichoice number to fix the issue and reset your selected service.

Error Code 8118

When you experience error 8118, it means that the DStv internal decoder supply is faulty. To solve this problem, go to the Multichoice office close to you to replace the decoder.

Error Be 1

The DSTV Flash memory is corrupted. Get in contact with one of our local DST installers to send someone out to check your DSTV Decoder.

Error Red LED

When the decoder is on standby mode, then, you are experiencing a Red LED error. To solve the Red LED error, switch the decoder on by pressing the power button on the remote control.

Red & Green LED Error

The Red & Green LED error could be an error due to no signal. To solve this error, reset your decoder by disconnecting and reconnecting it back to the main power supply. But, if this does not fix the problem, call one of the local DStv installers to send a technician to check the installation of your satellite dish


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