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DSTV Now vs Traditional TV: which is the better option for watching your favorite shows

When it comes to watching our favorite shows, there are more options available to us now than ever. We now have access to DSTV Now in addition to traditional TV. This article, “DSTV Now vs Traditional TV,” aims to determine which option is better for watching your favorite movies and TV shows.

DSTV Now, which is the most popular choice in South Africa, is an online streaming service that gives users the window to watch live their favorite TV series, movies, music from artists across the globe, and more. They can also access a range of other catch-up content. While traditional TV has been the major source of entertainment in many households for a decade,

In this “DSTV Now vs Traditional TV” post, we’ll compare the two to help you find out which is the better option for streaming your favorite shows.

What is DSTV Now?

DSTV Now is an online digital streaming service offered by Multi-Choice DSTV, South Africa. DSTV streaminghas remained the leading streaming TV provider not just in South Africa but in many other countries, both in west and east Africa and Asia.

Users are allowed to watch live TV shows and catch up on any missed episodes of their favorite shows. DSTV Now is accessible via the DSTV Now app from your smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs. Download DSTV Now app via Apple Store and Google Play Store. With your laptop or desktop, you can equally access DSTV Now through their website via a web browser.

What is Traditional TV

Traditional TV is the normal traditional TV set in our different households. We can also refer to it as broadcast TV, which is a more traditional method of watching TV shows with our normal TV. Traditional TV is usually connected to a TV service provider, such as DSTV. Traditional TV also gives users access to a range of channels and live TV shows.

DSTV Now vs Traditional TV Pron and Cons

Under this heading, we’ll look into the pros and cons of DSTV Now vs Traditional TV

Pron and Cons of a DSTV Now


  1. Convenience: With DSTV Now, you can use your iOS or Android phone to watch your favorite shows wherever you are and whenever you want. Once you’re connected to the internet, you can watch live TV or catch up on any missed episodes.
  2. Variety of Content: DSTV Now gives you access to a huge selection of channels and on-demand programming. No matter what your interests are, you’ll always have something to watch.
  3. No commercials: DSTV Now does not air commercials like traditional television does. This implies that you won’t be interrupted while watching your favorite programs.


  1. Internet connection: A dependable internet connection is required to use DSTV Now. You might experience buffering or poor video quality if your connection is sluggish or unreliable.
  2. Cost: Although DSTV Now is accessible to DSTV subscribers, it does have a separate price. Your subscription may require you to pay an additional fee in order to access DSTV Now.
  3. Limited accessibility: Although DSTV Now is available on a number of devices, not all of them support it. You might not be able to use DSTV Now if your device is an older model.

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Pros and Cons of Traditional TV


  1. Simpleness: Traditional TV is user-friendly and straightforward. You only need a TV, an antenna, or a cable package to start watching your favorite programs.
  2. Local channels: Local channels are accessible with traditional TV but may not be on streaming services. This enables you to stay current with regional news and events.
  3. No internet connection required: Internet connection not necessary You don’t need an internet connection to watch traditional TV. Therefore, even with a slow or nonexistent internet connection, you can still watch TV.


  • Limited options: With traditional TV, your options are constrained to the channels that are broadcast in your area. As a result, it’s possible that you won’t be able to watch some of the channels or shows you enjoy.
  • Commercials: Traditional TV airs advertisements, unlike DSTV Now. This implies that you will have to endure commercial breaks during your favorite programs.
  • Fixed schedule: On traditional TV, you must watch programs at specific times. You might have to wait until a show is back on if you miss it.

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DSTV Now vs Traditional TV General Comparison

Lets compare DSTV Now vs Traditional TV to know which is the better option for streaming TV shows. Note, the choice for decision will depend on your personal preferences and needs.


If you are considering convenience, DSTV Now seems to have a better advantage than traditional TV. DSTV Now permits users to watch their favorite shows on their smartphone, tablet, or smart TV, no matter their location. Unlike traditional TV, where you are required to be at home, in front of a TV set, to watch your TV shows and catch up on any missed episodes,

Content variety

Though both DSTV Now and traditional TV offer users a range of content, DSTV Now seems to have a wider selection of channels. Traditional TV is limited to only the channels selected at any given time.


The cost of both traditional TV and DSTV Now is comparable. Both traditional TV and DSTV Now require an active subscription to access the service. However, DSTV Now allows you to select from a range of subscription options, including a free subscription that permits you access to the limited content you select.


Both DSTV Now and traditional TV offer high-quality content. However, when streaming content on DSTV Now, the quality of your viewing experience depends on the strength of your internet connection. Traditional TV offers a more consistent quality of viewing experience, as it’s not affected by an internet connection.


Both DSTV Now and traditional TV have downsides to their advertising. Though the advertisement frequency of DSTV Now is typically lower than that of traditional TV, which is often interrupted by advertisements,

User experience

When you compare the user experience between DSTV Now and traditional TV, DSTV Now is more modern and user-friendly than traditional TV. DSTV Now allows you to browse and select the content you want to watch by accessing features like subtitles and parental controls. While traditional TV offers a limited user experience since you are limited to the channels that are being shown at any given time,


No doubt, DSTV Now has a more flexible service than traditional TV. DSTV Now service gives the room to pause, rewind, and fast-forward live content. This allows you to tailor your viewing experience to your preferences. With traditional TV, you cannot pause, rewind, or fast-forward your viewing experience to suit your preferences. This is because you are limited to watching only the content being broadcast at any given time.


DSTV Now is available on smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs, making it more accessible to users to watch shows no matter where they are. Traditional TV allows you to access your favorite shows only on your TV set. This can be inconvenient since you don’t have access to your TV set and can’t watch your favorite shows on the go.

Technical requirements

DSTV Now is more technical to use because you need a reliable internet connection and a compatible device to access the service. With traditional TV, you only need a TV set and a connection to a TV service provider, such as DSTV. While both DSTV Now and traditional TV have some technical requirements, DSTV Now is more flexible, as you can access the service on a range of devices. You don’t need different DSTV packages for DSTV Now and tradition, you can use the same DSTV package for both.


So, the answer to which is the better option for watching your favorite shows depends on your preferences and needs. If you value convenience and flexibility, then DSTV Now is likely the better option for you. The DSTV Now service allows you to watch your favorite shows on a range of devices anytime you want.

However, if you’re more interested in having a consistent traditional viewing experience and don’t mind watching your favorite shows live, then traditional TV may be the better option for you, as it’s not affected by your internet connection.


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