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eBay Gift Cards: How to Activate and Check eBay Gift Card Balance

Find information about eBay Gift Cards. What are the benefits of using eBay gift cards? How to activate/redeem, and check eBay gift card balance? where and how to use eBay gift cards? Find out how and more.

eBay Gift Card

eBay gift cards are cash-preloaded card that allows you to shop virtually for anything you want on eBay’s marketplace. The eBay gift card makes shopping easy and fast on all orders.

Buying Gift Cards

Make a purchase of eBay gift cards at Apple Market, Kroger, Go Mart, Walgreens, and many other participating retail stores near you.

How to Activate Your eBay Card

Generally, eBay gift cards are activated on purchasing, and may not need further activation. However, if you have got an eBay gift from card friends or family and need activation before using it. You can activate your eBay gift card by calling the merchant you purchase the card from. Or by accessing the provided URL on the gift card and entering the activation numbers.

However, to activate your eBay gift card online, follow the instruction below:

First of all, you need to log in to eBay Gift Card Activation Site to activate your card. Enter last name, phone number, and gift card last 6 digit number. Click continue.

Note that, it can take up to 4 hours for your eBay Gift Card to be activated and ready to be redeemed.

How to Use eBay Gift Card

Using your eBay Gift Card is easy and straightforward. You only need an eBay account registered in the U.S. and a U.S. shipping address to use an eBay Gift Card. You can create an eBay account if you don’t have any time.

To use your gift card, there is a 13-digit redemption code on your gift card, just enter the 13-digit redemption code at checkout. Your eBay Gift Card can be used to pay for items listed on eBay.com.

Below are how to find your 13-digit redemption code:

  • If you received a digital Gift Card through email, the redemption code can be found in the email. Note that, it can take up to 3 hours for the email to arrive. If the email with the redemption code hasn’t arrived, Check your email spam or junk folders. Better still contact the seller, they may be able to resend the email.
  • If you have a physical Gift Card, the redemption code is on the back of the card. Gently scratch off the security coating to see the redemption code.

How to Redeem Your Gift Card Balance

Redeeming your eBay Gift Card requires you to log into your eBay account. Enter the redemption code in the gift cards, the coupons, and then the eBay Bucks field.

After using your eBay Gift Card, any remaining balance is attached to your eBay account. To redeem the remaining balance, enter your redemption code at checkout. Make sure you’re using the same eBay account as your previous purchase.

Checking eBay Gift Card Balance

To check for your eBay gift card balance is simple, at the back of the card, there is an instruction that will direct you to the specific website address to check your gift card balance. However, you can check your eBay gift card balance by calling eBay at 1-866-540-3229.

You can also check your gift card balance online by signing into your eBay account. Once you’re on your eBay account, you will be able to view your card balance.

eBay Restrictions/Limitation on the card Usage

There are restrictions or limits on redeeming your eBay Gift Cards. This includes the time to use it and the spending threshold. Furthermore, you may not use it to buy other eBay Gift Cards, third-party gift cards, gift certificates, coupons, coins, paper money, virtual currency, or items generally considered to be bullion.


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