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eToro Trading Platform: How to start trading stocks on eToro

Choosing a reliable stock broker is the first step to successfully buying stocks and trading online. A competent stockbroker has extensive knowledge of the worldwide Fintech revolution. As a result, we’d like to briefly review the eToro Trading Platform.

A Brief History of eToro

eToro is a multi-asset social trading brokerage. Three Israeli businessmen—Yoni Assia, Ronen Assia, and David Ring—founded the organization in Tel Aviv, Israel, in January 2007. The goal of eToro is to make online trading simple and available to all types of investors throughout the globe.

The Visual FX Trading Platform was introduced to the system by eToro in September 2007. This feature makes online trading entertaining and simple to grasp with the use of pictures to depict different financial products.

eToro introduced the WebTrader tool in May 2009 which allows investors to exchange financial assets online. As a result, the WebTrader is a capable financial tool that is accessible to both novice and experienced traders.

There is an OpenBook that debuted in July 2010. The OpenBook is referred to be the eToro first social trading platform in history. it makes Fintech technology accessible to everyone from anywhere in the world.

Later, eToro added a mobile app to its trading platform in April 2012 for both iOS and Android smartphones. WebTrader and OpenBook are both integrated into the system through this mobile app.

Additionally, eToro added CopyPortfolios to its trading platform in February 2016. The best-performing traders’ investment portfolios can be copied by investors using the CopyPortfolios tool, which controls all portfolios of top group traders.

What Can I Buy on the eToro Trading Platform?

A number of trading services are available through the eToro trading platform, including:

Stocks, commodities, digital currencies, and other highly valuable assets. The company (eToro) began using CFDs to trade Bitcoin in 2013. The popular cryptocurrencies Ethereum, XRP (developed by Ripple Labs), Litecoin, and others were added to eToro’s cryptocurrency trading offering in February 2017.

Additionally, eToro entered Phase 1 of the US market in July 2018, providing its distinctive bitcoin service to US customers. The eToro trading platform’s subsidiary, eToro UK, has been given permission by the FCA regulatory body to provide its services in the UK.

How to Get Started on the eToro Trading Platform.

Although the eToro trading platform is user-friendly and straightforward, there are numerous procedures you must take to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience when trading online.

In this section, you will learn all the specific steps you need to know and follow before using the eToro Trading Platform.

Open an account with eToro

You must follow certain procedures in order to create a trading account on eToro. This entails:

  • Registering a trading account on eToro
  • Verifying your identity
  • Placing a down payment

Start Trading on the eToro Trading Platform

The next step is to begin trading after your eToro trading account has been created and successfully funded. However, there are five crucial strategies you can use to have a successful trade:

Utilize a virtual account on eToro to learn and practice.

After you register for an eToro trading account, $100,000 in fictitious funds will be sent into your account. You can test things out with the $100,000 virtual money account without paying nothing. With the help of the $100,000 funds, you may be able to improve your trading abilities and learn everything you need to know about eToro financial instruments.

Using the virtual account, users can

  • Unfilled roles
  • Play around with leverage.
  • Try out various trading tactics.
  • Try your hand at copy trading.
  • Purchase CopyPortfolios with money.
  • Engage the eToro community

Start eToro Trading manually

It’s time to start putting your money in the eToro trading platform once you’ve developed and mastered your trading techniques. At this point, it is assumed that you are at ease and have learned enough about the platform to put your trust in it.

You can now begin manually using the eToro trading platform. The eToro trading platform allows you to:

  • invest with no commission in stocks.
  • Utilize CFDs to open short or leveraged positions.
  • Perform technical analysis using ProCharts.
  • Utilize the Research tab to learn insightful market information.

Copy other eToro traders

The launch of CopyTrader on eToro gave birth to a new trading network segment. Anyone can start trading without concern using this function. The CopyTrader helps to minimize any entry barrier in the social trading environment, regardless of whether you are a beginner or advanced trader.

You can follow and mimic other traders or investors on the eToro trading network with CopyTraders. Any trades you copy from another trader are automatically replicated in your portfolio in real-time.

With the CopyTrader, you can:

  • Look up the best traders, then sort the results based on their profit, success rate, risk score, preferred assets, and other criteria.
  • View the statistics of traders you are thinking about emulating.
  • Editor’s Choice can help you locate prosperous Popular Investors.
  • Become a member of the Popular Investor program to get monthly cash payouts and other wonderful benefits.

Use the eToro trading tools

A number of unique trading capabilities are available on the eToro trading platform, including:

  • Stop Loss and Take Profit: These are tools that let you automatically close a position at a profit or loss point when it hits a specific level of gain or loss.
  • Trailing stop loss: As long as the market is trending in your favor, a trailing stop loss raises correspondingly.
  • One-Click Trading: You can choose your investment size, leverage, take-profit, and stop-loss levels in advance and then use those values for each trade you make on that instrument.

Utilize the eToro CopyPortfolios

CopyPortfolios is a novel feature for long-term investment instruments created for financial gain. Each CopyPortfolio, according to eToro, combines elite traders who use a thematic investment strategy into one investment instrument. With a predetermined trading strategy, you can mimic markets and traders using Copyportfolios.

There are three categories of Copyportfolios:

  • specialized market portfolios for technology, gaming, banking, etc. They aid in assembling important assets from each area into a single portfolio.
  • Top Trader Portfolios enable users to invest in the collective experience and knowledge of multiple traders on the eToro trading platform by grouping them into a single asset.
  • Similar to market portfolios, partner portfolios are made by eToro’s partners, some of the top financial institutions in the world.

How to trade stocks on eToro

On eToro, you can trade stocks in two different ways:

  • Purchase stocks directly.
  • Tade stock price movements via CFDs.

Purchase Stock Directly

The few steps below will help you learn how to buy and sell stocks outrightly on eToro:

  • Login to access your eToro account.
  • Go to the eToro Markets page and choose Stocks to access the complete list of stocks that are now trading.
  • Select Trade after choosing the stock you want to buy.
  • Choose BUY.
  • Enter the sum you want to put into the stock or the number of shares you want to purchase.
  • Set the leverage to X1.
  • You can choose to set the take profit parameter.
  • Now choose Open Trade.

Tade stock price movements via CFDs

  • Login to access your eToro account.
  • Go to the eToro Markets page and choose Stocks to access the complete list of stocks that are now trading.
  • Select Trade after choosing the stock you want to buy.
  • Choose to BUY or SELL. Depending on the direction you want to trade, choose BUY if you expect the stock to rise, and SELL if you expect the stock to fall.
  • Enter the sum you want to put into the stock or the number of shares you want to purchase.
  • Set the leverage to X1.
  • You can choose to set the take profit parameter.
  • Now choose Open Trade.


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