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Fidelity Trading Account: How to Open a Brokerage Account in 4 Steps

Although Fidelity offers a variety of investment account types, the secret to success is knowing which Fidelity trading account types are best for your trading business. This page explains which Fidelity account is best for your trading goals and guides you through every step of opening a Fidelity trading account.

Fidelity Trading Account

One of the biggest equity investment companies in the United States is still Fidelity Investments. Different investment accounts are available from Fidelity Investments. The investment account you choose will largely depend on your personal objectives.

When offering a Fidelity trading account and investment, Fidelity Investments typically takes the investor’s experience, the nature of the trading products, and the currencies available into consideration. Fidelity brokerage accounts has its unique features and advantages.

Brokerage Account

This is a fully functional, low-brokerage account for online stock trading. Including Traded-based funds (ETFs), Investment funds, bonds and options, as well as resources and analysis for investors.

Numerous investment options are available through brokerage accounts, and there is no commission for US stocks purchased online. Using the Fidelity Mobile® App, it also supports dollar-based investing in fractional shares.


  • Comprehensive tools:
    • Powerful trading website puts you in control.
    • Mobile trading applications help you keep up with the market and your portfolio.
    • Advanced tools for Active Traders provide streaming market data and enhanced trading capability.
  • Research and monitoring:
    • Free, independent research1 from 20+ providers helps you uncover opportunities, generate ideas, and analyze trends.
    • A single, accuracy-weighted score helps evaluate your stock picks.
    • Customized alerts and watch lists carry across platforms—online and mobile.
  • Fidelity service advantage:
    • 24/7 access to experienced investment/trading consultants
    • Over 150 Investor Centers.

Brokerage Account Requirements

Here we will explain what you’ll need to open a Fidelity trading account (brokerage account). Fidelity Investments requires you to have the following information to get your Fidelity Trading account up and running:

  • Social Security number.
  • Bank account information to fund the account.
  • Name and address of your employer may sometimes be requires.
  • Have a $2,500 investing minimum to fund your account.

Note; You can open and maintain a Fidelity brokerage account for free; however, you must deposit $2,500 into it before you can begin investing.

How to Open a Brokerage Account

This subheading will walk through four (4) basic steps you need to have your brokerage account or Fidelity trading account open.

Provide Your Personal Information 

First, you need to go to Fidelity account page and click “Open a Brokerage Account”. Fidelity will ask you a Yes/No question if you are already a Fidelity customer, which you must select before moving on.

If you don’t already have a Fidelity account, you’ll need to enter your full name, social security number, date of birth, country of citizenship, mobile number, and email address.

Fidelity will also request for your address lines (city, state, and ZIP code). You may also be asked if you work for a broker-dealer, a stock exchange, or the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

After you’ve entered your personal information and answered the form’s quick questions, you’ll proceed to the next step.

Complete Account Settings

You’ll be asked a few questions about your account in this section. If you’re concerned about that, Fidelity’s account settings are simple and quick to set up.

The questions you’ll be asked will be based primarily on your email preferences and whether or not you want to subscribe to Fidelity’s newsletter. Fidelity will also disclose that when your money is not used for investment, it will be automatically deposited into a money market account. However, if you do not want Fidelity to invest the unused fund, there is a link to other options available.

You must respond to a few questions, your responses will primarily be used to determine your email preferences and investments options or objectives.

Review Your Personal Information

Your Fidelity trading account registration is almost complete. This section necessitates a review of all of your personal information, beginning with the account you selected, your employment details, and other default account settings.

The customer agreement, terms and conditions, electronic delivery agreement, and other documents that contain technical information will also be required of you to review. Please read these documents carefully before clicking the “yes” button at the bottom to approve them.

A taxpayer identification agreement and some additional terms will be displayed on the following page. Check them again to ensure they are correct, then click “Open account.”

Fund Your Fidelity Trading Account

A message congratulating you on opening a Fidelity trading account will appear after you have finished reviewing and confirming your Fidelity trading account and have clicked “Open account.” The final step is to fund your account using your bank account information or another brokerage account.

That is to say, once you receive your verification email, go to fund your account and start investing.

Here’s what to do to start after funding your account:

  • First, check the products on the Fidelity platform. You may use the search tool to search for assets.
  • You’ll see a list of assets organized into categories such as asset classes.
  • Click on an asset to see its chart.
  • After this step, it is easy to specify the transaction size, order types, and terms.


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