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GTWorld Make Money Service: 5 Ways to Earn Money Using The GTWorld App

The GTWorld Make Money Service allows you to assist people in your community with important banking transactions. With the GTWorld make money service, you may assist consumers with money transfers, airtime purchases, and data transfers to friends and family while earning commissions.

GTWorld Make Money Service Benefits

• Send money to any bank for as little as N10 each transaction.
• At the end of the month, earn a 2% commission on third-party airtime and data purchases.
• For each money transfer, you can specify a different transaction charge.
• No hardware installs are required. All you have is your phone.

Ways To Make Money With The GTWorld App

Starting to earn money with the GTWorld Make Money service is as simple as following these four steps:

  • Download the GTWorld App
  • Get Your Login Details
  • Send Money
  • Sell Airtime and Data Bundles

Get the GTWorld App now!

The first thing you’ll need to do is go to the Google Play Store and download the GTWorld app. Allow the app to access your device by clicking the Install button. The GTWorld app is then installed on your smartphone.

Obtain your GRWorld Login Information

The next step is to get login information from GTWorld after a successful installation. Open the GTWorld application. To get your login information, click Sign Up (User ID and password).

If you already have one, enter your User ID and password. Click Forgot Password to reset your password if you have forgotten it. If you don’t know your password, dial 7376*5# from your registered phone to get your login information.

Allow your phone to access the app now. If this is your preferred device, simply click Yes and choose whether you want to set a 4-digit PIN or utilize a token for your banking transactions.

If you want to make a four-digit PIN. Accept the Terms and Conditions. To validate your device, GTWorld sends a 6-digit security code to your registered email account.

You can generate a code from your Hardware Token or contact 7377# from your registered phone number to get a one-time verification code if you don’t receive the 6-digit code. Once the code has been created, enter it into the app, and your phone will be successfully confirmed.

If you want to validate your transactions using the token, GTWorld will additionally send a 6-digit secure number to your registered email address for device verification. Enter the code after you’ve received it, and your device will be successfully confirmed.

After that, you’ll be able to use the GTWorld using your hardware or 737 Token.
Note that GTWorld only asks for preferred device verification if you’re accessing your account on the GTWorld app for the first time.

Send Money Using GTWorld Make Money Service

With GTWorld, you can send money to make money. Depending on which banking transaction option you choose, you can successfully use the GTWorld app for banking transactions using either a 4-digit PIN or a token.

Now go to GTWorld and log in using your credentials. Go to the second page of your dashboard and choose to Make Money. Choose Transfer. Select a debit account and a beneficiary bank. Enter the beneficiary’s account number and the amount to be sent. To finish the purchase, click Continue.

Sell Airtime Using GTWorld Make Money Service

Airtime is available for purchase in the GTWorld make money service. Repeat the steps outlined above to send money. Click Make Money on the second page of your dashboard.

After that, choose Airtime/Data Request. Choose an airtime type (VTU or E-pin) and a debit account. Choose your desired network, amount, and phone number for the recipient. To finish the purchase, click Continue.


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