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How to Become a GOtv Agent – Multichoice Africa

GOTV Agent is a business opportunity created by Multichoice Africa to provide jobs and sources of income for Africans. So as an entrepreneur, becoming a GoTV dealer is an avenue for creating financial freedom. Because of its affordability and customer base, the company has a bright future.

GOTV is the home of entertainment for African families. It offers one of the greatest made-in-Africa channels with a reliable service you can trust. Therefore, on this page, you will be learning how to be a GOtv dealer, as we are ready to expose all the steps you need.

However, before we proceed with this teaching, we would like to explain what a dealer or an agent is. This is to help us understand the topic better.

The words “dealer and “agent” are always used interchangeably. However, a dealer is a business concern or individual who buys and sells goods on their own account. While an agent acts as a broker who executes a business deal on behalf of its client,

This implies that as a GOTV dealer or agent, you will be selling GOTV products to customers on behalf of Multichoice.

Roles of a GOtv Dealer

  • Sell and exchange old decoders for newer models to customers.
  • Rendering after-sales support to clients.
  • Activation of new subscribers.
  • Provide technical services, e.g. dish installation through your trained technicians.
  • Subscription renewal.
  • Customer service.


Formally, there are two basic types of multichoice dealership. The first type is the sub-dealer. The GoTV sub-dealership requires little capital, which you pay for technical training. During the technical training, you will learn installation procedures and other technical services. And finally, how to subscribe online.

The second type of GoTV dealer is the super dealer, which requires huge capital to start. To be a GoTV super dealer means that you are buying a franchise from MultiChoice.

How to become a GOtv Dealer

To become a successful GOTV dealer demands great responsibility. Your status as a GOTV agent requires that you play unique roles on behalf of GOTV with new clients. Hence the need for the following, as outlined below:

Apple for A GOtv Dealer

The first step to becoming a GoTV agent or dealer is to indicate interest. Simply visit a Multichoice head office in your region or country to find an Apple TV for GOtv dealer. After a screening exercise, your data will be taken, and from there, you will proceed to the next stage.

Dealer Training

It is normal to undergo dealer or agent training before becoming certified as a GoTv agent. This is very important in order to acquire all the technical know-how for smooth operation. Part of the agent training includes dish installation procedures and how to subscribe and activate a new client account.

Find a Location

Business location is very important for business growth and survival. You have to choose a good and strategic location for your business operation. Locate your business where there is a high demand for GOtv service packages. The location must be accessible to both your client and the company.

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