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How to List Items on eBay Faster for Beginners

Selling on eBay is an avenue to promote your products and reach a more global audience faster. In this digital era, businesses are becoming more dynamics than ever. Hence, to catch up with global trends, business owners need to embrace the digital marketing era with enthusiasm. One of the ways to engage in these global trends is to list items on eBay.

eBay remains one of the best platforms to sell and shop for items online. Whether you want to start a new business and make extra cash, or you want to clear off unwanted items from your home, selling on eBay is the perfect and ideal place. eBay has a large market reach across the globe with hundreds of thousands of customers in over 30 countries. Therefore, Selling on eBay is a good idea for both small and medium businesses

To successfully list items on eBay, you need to understand the basics and maintain best practices. To list items on eBay as a seller agent is simple, but your items have to be listed accurately and attractively. This will inspire more bids from buyers. Therefore, on this page, we will be discussing how to List items on eBay and also sell on eBay.

How to List Items on eBay

To successfully list and sell stuff on eBay, you need to know more about the service concerning the products you want to sell. In this section, we will be guiding you on eBay’s best listing practices to follow.

Write Item description clearly

Here is where you give a detailed description of your products, including brand names, styles, model numbers, unique qualities, and potential flaws.

Use the correct Item specifics

Item specification usually appears at the top of your listing description. It helps customers/buyers to easily find relevant information about the product. More also, item specifics refer to the brand and physical details about your products. Examples: make, model, size type, color, and style.

Use high-quality pictures for the items

Appearances play a major role in item listing, High-quality photos can make your items look attractive and encourage your customers’ confidence.

Choose the listing format (Selling on eBay)

The type of item you’re trying to sell will determine your choice of listing format. However, there is two listing format to choose from.

  1. Auction-style listing: Auction-style listing helps you to find out the worth of your product. Here the seller chooses a starting price and allows buyers to place bids. At the end of the auction, the item goes to the highest bidder.
  2. Fixed price listing: Fixed-price listing tells your buyer/customer the exact price they need to pay for your item. No bidding required, so, once the customer is comfortable with the price, he/she makes a purchase immediately.

However, you can choose to use both listing format. Here, you can decide to add a Buy-It-Now option to an Auction-style listing. Your buyers can either purchase the item immediately or place a bid.

Use Terapeak Insights

Terapeak is an exclusive eBay insights tool. The tool is used to research and spy on your competitors, Furthermore, Terapeak helps you to know what your competitors are doing, How are they doing it and how you can improve on your eBay listing. Terapeak makes use of current eBay pricing data of demand and supply to help you to know what to sell. When to sell, and at what price.

Allow Customers Make Offers

This is no big deal allowing then to bid. You can give your buyer the opportunity to make an offer on your item, But you have the right to choose whether to accept or decline them, or even give the buyer a counteroffer.

Share your listing for More Selling on eBay

After you have completed item your listings, the next thing is to share what you’ve listing with your social communities to increase your reach.

How to Start Selling on eBay

Listing your item on eBay is easy and requires a few steps to get started. You are required to provide information about your item. just as we’ve mentioned above, the extra information you need in listing includes a title, photo, description, price, payment method, and shipping details. So, to successfully achieve the above listing task, eBay’s Sell Your Item form will guide you through with the steps to create and submit your item list on eBay.

To get started,

Log in to your eBay account.

But if you are new to selling on eBay. See how to get started. From your eBay account. Select the Sell button at the top of the eBay page to access the eBay Sell Item form.

Complete the Sell Your Item form.

The Sell your item contains the following information:

  • Give Item description and Title: Buyers normal use title to find listings. So make sure you write a good title for your listing. And create clear descriptions that will help you sell your item.
  • Select a Category: From the next page, there is a box labeled Give Your Listing a Descriptive Title. Just enter your basic keywords that describe the item that you wish to sell. Then click Sell It. From the drop-down. Select a category that describes your item, then click the Continue button. And your category ids set up.
  • Write item Specifics: Additional item details within a category helps buyers find your item. Though not all categories have item specifics.
  • Upload Item Pictures: A high-quality picture of your item helps sell your item fast. So, ensure you upload one.
  • Choose Your Listing Format: Depending on what you’re selling, You have the option for Auction and fixed price formats to choose from.
  • Then, Select a Price: This includes the starting price and other reserve price options such as Buy It Now to help you get the price you want for your item.
  • Select a listing duration: Note that auction listing usually lasts from 1-10 days.
  • Setup payment information: Here you offer the payment methods you’ll accept from buyers. Ensure you offer more than one payment method. However, PayPal is the most frequent payment method used by eBay buyers. It’s safe and efficient.
  • Provide Your shipping information: When providing shipping information, then, ensure you specify locations and other shipping services you offer.
  • Specify your return policy: Buyers usually feel more comfortable shopping from sellers who offer return policies and we, therefore, recommend you accept returns. Read more on how to specify your return policy.
  • Select listing upgrades: Listing upgrades include bold, highlight and border. These upgraders can help you promote your item.

Review Your Listing Before Selling on eBay

After you have completed the Sell Your Item Form. There is a review page where you can make changes if there is information that needs correction. Just click the “Edit Listing” link and effect the changes.

List Item for Sale

After you have review your listing and you are sure everything is in order. Click on the List Item for Sale button, and your item is on eBay. Congratulations, your item is now on eBay. You can now start selling on eBay.


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