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How to Order a Payoneer Virtual Card In 5 Easy Steps

This article focuses on how to order a Payoneer Virtual Card and get it delivered to your country home. As the world is fastly digitalizing, Businesses are becoming more globalized. People are now working in foreign companies from their country and get paid in foreign currency. We also shop and trade in foreign markets comfortably and have our products delivered right at our doorsteps in our country home.

Payoneer Virtual Card.

Probably, you may have heard of Payoneer Virtual Card, I guess I am right. If this is your first time hearing about Payoneer Virtual Card, no problem, we are going to explain what it’s all about.

A virtual Card is like any normal credit or debit card you use for your daily transaction. Just like the name implies, a virtual card is the type of card that exists in essence but not in actuality. That’s to say, a virtual card is not a physical or plastic card. It is a set of sixteen-digit numbers with a CVV code together, randomly generated using the software. Virtual cards can be either credit or debit cards

The Benefits of Payoneer Virtual Card.

It is very glare to us the level of public frauds and scammers the world is facing. This fraudulent issue occurs both online and offline (physical). We have hard cases where card users’ information is hacked by scammers online or physically snatched from people and use their card information to move money from the owners’ account to the scammers’ account.

The normal physical debit or credit card has this main security challenge, the same identifying information is used to link your card all the time. Your name, the credit card number, the expiration date, and the security code are always printed on the back of the card. This has been the same pattern. That implies, once your data is stolen, either in a major online hack or by credit card theft, the hacker or the thief can use the data information.

Most online retailers like Amazon, Bestbuy, Target, and others, store their customers’ payment information on their payment system. This makes it more convenient for their customers not to re-enter their payment information every time they want to make payment. But the problem with this practice is that hackers can routinely gain access to that data, leaving customers at risk of identity theft and fraud.

However, Virtual cards use an app to generate a new token (credit card number) for every single transaction. This makes it impossible for hackers or fraudsters to gain access to data information.

This issue affects so many platforms, including those who make use of Payoneer prepaid MasterCard Debit. In this view, a Payoneer Virtual Card that offers more security was designed to help reduce the rate of fraudulent cases.

The Payoneer virtual card is globally accepted at any Point of Sale terminal where the Prepaid MasterCard is accepted.

How to Order for a Payoneer Virtual Card

The Payoneer Virtual Card is only available with selected Payoneer mass payout marketplaces. To check if your online marketplace is among the Payoneer mass payout companies that provide the option. Log in to your Payoneer account and check if the Payoneer Virtual Card is listed as one of the payment methods.

If you are yet to register a Payoneer account, you can Sign Up for a Payoneer account in a few minutes. The process is simple and fast.

Activate your Payoneer Virtual Card

To activate your Payoneer virtual card, follow the steps below:

  1. Sign in to your Payoneer account.
  2. Go to Settings and select it.
  3. Click on Card Management.
  4. Find the virtual card requiring activation and click ACTIVATE
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the activation processes.

Note: If you forget your virtual card details, from the Card Management section, click the activated virtual card, and in the right pane, click Retrieve Card Details.


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