How to Reduce Chrome Data Usage for PC, Android & iOS Devices

One of the major problems that every web user faced is the issue of chrome data usage or any other web browser. This has made every web user raise much concern on how to Reduce Chrome Data Usage.

So, in order to solve issues of undue data consumption, People are constantly asking questions like:

  • How do I reduce chrome data usage on iPhone?.
  • How can I minimize my data usage?.
  • Which browser uses the least data?.
  • How do I make Chrome use less data on my PC?.

Interestingly, Google wants to help you cut down the amount of data your device uses while browsing the Web using Chrome.

So, on this page, we will be looking at some possible ways we can reduce chrome data usage for iOS devices. Minimize data usage for Android devices and the Pc system.

Whether you are using an iOS or Android phone, you can reduce your data usage from Chrome up to 50% by adjusting your bandwidth management.

Table of Contents

  1. How do I reduce chrome data usage on iPhone?
  2. How To Reduce Data Usage in Google Chrome for PC
    1. Disable images and Plugins
    2. For Image disable
    3. For Plugins disable
    4. User-Agent Extensions
    5. Chrome Data Saver Extension
      1. Enable Data Saver On Desktop/Laptop
      2. Enable Data Saver On Android
      3. Enable Data Saver on iPhone

How do I reduce chrome data usage on iPhone?

Google recently updated its Chrome browser for iOS with the typical bug fixes and some new features. One of the newly updated features is the ability of Chrome users to minimize the amount of data used by their iOS devices.

To reduce the amount of Chrome data consumption, you’ll need to download the current version of Google Chrome which contains the latest features. To achieve this follow the steps below:

  • Open the app and click on the three vertical dots at upper right
  • Go straight to the Setting.
  • Find the Bandwidth option and click on it.
  • Select Reduce Data Usage to switch on the position.

Once this feature is turned on, Chrome will use a Google server to compress web pages you visit before downloading them. The SSL or incognito pages will be excluded resulting in low data usage.

How To Reduce Data Usage in Google Chrome for PC

Many people surf the internet with their PC. Using computers to browse consumes more data compared to mobile phones. This is because when we use computers to browse, the browser loads uncompressed pages that contain some bandwidth-hogging plugins, add-ons, extensions that take up lots of data.

Hence, the need to reduce data consumption in your browser. Based on this fact, we are going to share three methods that will help you reduce data usage if you are using the Google web browser.

The three methods are very simple and straight. You only need to install an important Google Chrome extension and do some settings in your Google Chrome. Therefore, follow these simple methods and steps.

Disable images and Plugins

No doubt, images can take up lots of your bandwidth. This is because some websites’ images are very larger and more detailed, hence making some web pages load slowly thereby consuming big amounts of data.

Therefore, in order to reduce huge data usage, you can simply disable images in your Google Chrome browser. So, to disable images in your Google Chrome, do the followings:

For Image disable

  • Open Google Chrome and click on Settings.
  • Go to Show Advanced settings
  • Then move to Privacy
  • Enable Do Not Show Any Images under image Section

For Plugins disable

  • Open Google Chrome and click on Settings.
  • Go to Show Advanced settings
  • Then move to Privacy
  • Enable Let me choose when to run plugin content under plugin Section

User-Agent Extensions

It will interest you to know that majorities of websites run two different web pages. There are web pages specially optimized for the mobile version. and the desktop version.

The Mobile version of a website consumes lesser data compared to that of the desktop version. So, through the use of user-agent extensions, we can switch our operating system as well as the browser.

Web user-agent extensions usually change the Operating system and browser. Forcing the Chrome browser to load the mobile version of a website instead of the desktop version. And thereby helps to reduce volume Chrome data usage.

There are good a number of User-Agent extensions available on the Chrome Web store. Therefore, you can download one from the Chrome web store. You can also download and change Google Chrome Theme.

Chrome Data Saver Extension

If you chose to use the Google Chrome data saver extension, do the following actions:

Enable Data Saver On Desktop/Laptop

  • Download the latest Google Chrome version browser on your Desktop/Laptop.
  • Then, search for the Data Saver Beta extension with your Chrome browser.
  • Click Add to Chrome fro the top right side to activate.

Enable Data Saver On Android

Google Chrome data saver feature is also available for the Android Chrome app. Therefore, if you want to enable Google Chrome’s Data Saver on your Android device, follow the simple steps below.

  • Open the updated Google Chrome browser on Android,
  • Click on the three vertical dots at the upper right corner,
  • Tap on the Settings option
  • Then, select Data Saver under the Advanced tab
  • Enable the Data Saver option by turning the feature on.

Enable Data Saver on iPhone

Just like Google Chrome for Android, the Google Chrome Data Saver feature is also available for iOS devices. The feature is to reroute the non-SSL or Incognito web browsing through Google’s servers for compression.

So, to enable Data Saver on iPhone, follow the same steps as that of Android. By simply downloading the updated version of the Google Chrome browser from the iOS app store.

Open Chrome browser. Go to Settings. and Turn on Reduce Data Usage feature to enable the data compression.

Finally, Once the Google Chrome Data Saver feature is activated, you will be able to monitor your data usage and stop extra data consumption in your chrome browser.

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