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How to Register Skrill Account in 3 Steps | Fund Skrill Account | Send & Withdraw Fund

Skrill provides both Business and Personal Accounts for any sort of financial transaction. This makes it easier for individuals and organizations to create a Skrill account. Skrill account enables you to transfer money to your bank account and wallet. It allows you to make payments for online betting, online games, and forex trading.

Skrill Business account helps merchants to facilitate and accept payment online by integrating their website. Skrill’s business account supports Wallet transfer, Local Payment which differs among countries, and Credit / Debit cards.

Whereas, Skrill’s Personal account supports funds transfer both locally and internationally among different countries. The money gets delivered into their wallet or bank account using either credit/debit or a Skrill wallet. The personal account not only allows users to transfer funds, it comes with lots of other Skrill benefits that also permit online shopping from hundreds of different merchants’ website that offers all sorts of products and services.

How to Create a Skrill Account

To create a Skrill account, you will be required to provide your personal details and then, create a password. It only takes a few steps to create a Skrill Account via their official website. Then, do the followings:

  1. Click on Register at the top right end of your screen.
  2. Enter your First Name, Last Name, Country, Currency, Email, and Password.
  3. Click on the Register button at the bottom of the page to proceed.

The next step is the verification process, this will help you to verify your identity with Skrill. Skrill verification process may vary slightly depending on your country,

However, you will need to provide the following info in the verification process:

  1. Personal information like your full name, address, birth date, and a government-issued identification number like social security or national insurance number
  2. You may be required to answer a set of knowledge-based questions
  3. You may also be required to provide additional information to verify your identity which may include:
    1. A color copy of your identity card, driver’s license, or passport
    2. A picture of you holding your identity document next to your face
    3. Proof of your address documents like a utility bill or bank statement issued within the last three months

How to Send or Receive Money on Skrill

To send money on Skrill is simple and easy. You’ve got to provide your payment information and the details of the recipients.

Your payment information includes email address, password, and personal information (first and last name, date of birth, and contact details)

The recipient’s details include the recipient’s full name, address, Business Identifier Code (bank code or BIC), International Bank Account Number (IBAN), and bank account number and country. If your recipient does not have a bank account, you can send money to their email address.

Sending money to a bank account using Skrill Money Transfer:

  1. Log in and go to Send
  2. Choose the Money Transfer option to send to a bank
  3. Select a country and currency
  4. Enter the amount you’re sending
  5. Select a payment method
  6. Enter your personal details
  7. Enter your recipient’s details
  8. Confirm the amount you’re sending
  9. Enter and submit your payment details

Sending money to a mobile number or email

  1. Log in and go to ‘Send’
  2. Choose “Send to mobile number or email”
  3. Enter your recipient’s number or email
  4. Enter the amount you are sending
  5. Write a message for your recipient if you wish
  6. Confirm the amount and send

How to Withdraw Money from Skrill

Skrill provides several options via which its users can withdraw money from their Skrill account:

Bank transfer withdrawal

The bank wire withdrawal option lets you transfer money from your Skrill digital wallet to a personal bank account.

To withdraw money to my bank account?

  1. Go to the Withdraw section of your Skrill account.
  2. Click Withdraw Now under Bank Account.
  3. Choose a bank account and click Next. If you haven’t registered a bank account, click Add a Bank Account to submit your bank details.
  4. Enter the amount and click Next. Depending on your country, you may need to provide additional details.
  5. A summary page with your withdrawal information will appear. To finalize your withdrawal, click Confirm.*
  6. To complete the transaction, enter your PIN.

VISA withdrawal

Skrill VISA withdrawal option allows you to transfer money from your Skrill account to a personal VISA credit/debit card. Find out if this option is available to you by going to the Withdraw section of your account.

To withdraw money to my VISA card:

  1. Go to the Withdraw section of your Skrill account.
  2. Click Withdraw Now under Credit or debit card.
  3. Choose a card and click Next.
  4. Enter the amount and click Next.
  5. A summary page with your withdrawal information will appear. To finalize your withdrawal, click Confirm.*
  6. Enter your PIN to complete the transaction.

Note. If you haven’t registered a VISA card, click Add a VISA Card to submit your card details.


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