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How to Transfer Money from Skrill to PayPal Account

Do you wish to transfer funds from Skrill to PayPal? Are you trying to send money from Skrill to PayPal or swap money between the two? If you said yes to the questions above, you have a solution. You can transfer money from Skrill to PayPal using a few of the methods we’ll be demonstrating on this page.

Can I send money from Skrill to PayPal?

Leading payment networks include Skrill and PayPal. Additionally, a direct transfer between PayPal and Skrill is not possible. This suggests that it is impossible to transfer funds from Skrill to PayPal.

Through a middleman money exchange service, you can still exchange money or send money from Skrill to PayPal.

But first, let me make this point before we discuss how to transfer money from Skrill to PayPal.

Beware of Scams

For transferring money from one wallet to another, there are numerous intermediate exchange websites that you can discover online. Most of them assert to provide fund exchange services for Skrill and PayPal. However, because it is difficult to locate reliable and trustworthy exchange platforms online, the majority of them are not secure.

Therefore, if you decide to utilize them for fund exchange, you must take into account the potential for scams and exercise extreme caution. You must read reviews of potential exchangers in order to make your decision.

How to Transfer Money from Skrill to PayPal

Most modern internet users are accustomed to using electronic money, often known as e-wallet currency, such as Skrill, Neteller, Bitcoin, PayPal, and others. These digital payment currencies are equivalent to real-world dollars, euros, rupees, and other currencies.

The drawback of these electronic currencies is that some goods and services cannot always be paid for using them. These digital monies occasionally need to be transferred between e-wallets.

Unfortunately, there is no direct method for transferring money between Skrill and PayPal. You must locate a reliable money exchanger intermediary in order to make such transfers happen.

So, on this page, we’ll go through some of these middlemen money changers as well as other methods you can use to transfer money from Skrill to Paypal. We’ve highlighted a few below against this backdrop.

Funds Exchange with a Friend

This approach is a simple way to transfer money from Skrill to PayPal. If the two people have accounts with both Skrill and PayPal, this method will function well. As a result, you must seek out a trusted friend who has Skrill and PayPal accounts and has money available for exchange.

The person will transfer funds from their Skrill account to yours, and you will transfer an equal sum from your Paypal account to theirs in return. Finding a suitable match, though, might be challenging because you need to discover someone who is prepared to trade money from their Skrill or PayPal account.

Transfer Money from Skrill to Bank Account and then to PayPal

This might be among the quickest, safest, and most practical ways to send money from Skrill to Paypal. Depending on your bank, the time it takes to transfer money from Skrill to a bank account may be quick or long. Learn more about the Skrill e-Wallet and Skrill to Bank transactions.

You can send the money to the PayPal account once you have successfully transferred it to your bank account.

You must first link your Skrill account to your bank accounts in order for this approach to function. Skrill must have banking partners and be accessible in your nation.

Use Online Currency Exchange Websites

Websites that specialize in money exchange services are called online currency exchange websites. These websites assist in converting your funds into the account you want to transfer it to. Simply upload your funds to their website and choose the account you want them to send the funds to.

Keep in mind that there are fees associated with using the websites of online currency exchanges to swap money. The money will arrive in your PayPal account after you transmit it from your Skrill account with the fees subtracted.

Depending on the website, most currency conversion sites charge between 1 and 15 percent. The transfer may take place immediately or over the course of several days.

Always use caution while selecting an online currency converter because this method is only sometimes secure and lost funds may be difficult to recover.

On our list of online currency exchange websites, the following are a few:


One of the online exchanges for e-currencies is called ChangeBuz. ChangeBuz Holdings Inc. is the owner. You can exchange your e-currency from one e-wallet to another using ChangeBuz’s online service without losing a lot of money to fees and penalties.

Therefore, you can exchange your money or transfer money from Skrill to PayPal using Changebuz. To convert from Skrill to PayPal, go to then follow the directions below.

  1. Enter the amount in Send section.
  2. Fill in all the fields required by ChangeBuz.
  3. Press the Exchange button.
  4. Make the payment.
  5. When the payment is confirmed they will process your exchange.


Another e-currency exchanger you can find online is PayGlobel. The GobelMoney Group is the owner of it. You can transfer money from Skrill to PayPal via the PayGlobel service. To convert from Skrill to PayPal, go to Then, complete your transaction by following the instructions on the page.


Another popular exchange platform, Funds Round, lets you transfer money to friends and family, pay bills, and swap money between online wallets. G M Z Payment Services, a business with a UAE business license, runs the Funds Round. Check out Then, complete your transaction by following the instructions on the page.


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