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KCB Bank Agent: How to become a KCB Mtaani Agent

Need a side business to support and improve your income stream. Join a KCB Bank Agent network and earn a commission for helping customers make cash withdrawals, cash transfers, cash deposits, and other banking services to customers in your locality. In this article, we’ll give you the steps on how to become a KCB Mtaani Agent, the requirements, and the agent commission

KCB Bank Kenya Limited is a financial services provider in Nairobi, Kenya. It is one of the banks that has been running the Agency banking model. There are over 12,000 KCB Bank Agents networks across Kenya, delivering and bringing banking services closer to the people in their neighborhoods.

KCB Bank Agent Services

Your job as a KCB Bank Agent is to help customers perform banking and financial services on behalf of the KGB bank. As a KCB bank agent, you can assist customers to make the following banking transaction and financial services:

  • Cash withdrawal
  • Cash deposits
  • School fees payments
  • Rent payments
  • Bill payments
  • Funds transfer
  • Balance inquiries
  • Mini statement requests
  • Account opening
  • NHIF, NSSF, and KRA payments

KCB Bank Agent Requirements

If you are interested in becoming one of the KCB bank agents, there are certain requirements you must meet first. To help you get started fast, we’ve listed the KCB Bank requirement for an agent. Check below to know the things you need to have in possession:

  • Have a bank account with KCB
  • Two colored passport size photos
  • Pin certificate Identification document
  • A valid certificate of good conduct
  • Business license
  • Have an existing business for a minimum of 12 – 18 months.
  • Your business should be able to service at least 50 customers per day
  • An initial deposit of at least Kshs 100,000 to start off Agent Banking Services
  • Must be run by a Manager and two assistants who have attained minimum KCSE Certificate

How to Become a KCB Bank Agent

There is a high demand for banking services and other financial inclusions within the neighborhood. If you are interested to partner with KCB in their Agency Banking model, you can apply to be a KCB Bank Agent in your locality.

Applying for the KCB agent network partnership is easy and straightforward. All you need to do to start the process is to visit the official KCB bank agent website page. Scroll down to the end of the page to submit your details and they’ll get back to you.

You can visit any KCB bank nearest to you to proceed with your agent registration and documentation.

KCB Agent Commission

If you wish to become a KCB Agent, it is important you know what a KCB Agents Commission Structure is. The commission structure determines the amount you will earn per transaction. As a KCB agent, you will earn a commission on every single cash deposit and cash withdrawal transaction made by your customer. We discussed the KCB agent commission in two subheadings with tables:

  • KCB Agent Commission On Cash Deposit: The commission you will earn on every single cash deposit made by your customers.
  • KCB Agent Commission On Cash Withdrawal: The commission you will earn on every single cash withdrawed by your customers.

Below is what you can earn as a KCB Bank Agent.

KCB Agent Commission On Cash Deposit

Deposit Limit (Ksh)TariffAgent commission (Ksh)
100 – 10,000010
10,001 – 20,000015
20,001 – 50,000020
50,001 – 75,000025
75,001 – 100,000030

KCB Agent Commission On Cash Withdrawal

Withdrawal Limit (Kshs)Tariff (Kshs)Commission (Kshs)
100 – 2,0002010
2,001 – 5,0003015
5,001- 10,0005326.50
10,001 – 20,0007537.5
20,001 – 50,00010552.50
50,001 – 100,00018592.5


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