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MultiChoice Agent Registration: Become a DStv agent

MultiChoice Agent Registration is a DSTV agent documentation process. If you want to become a DSTV agent or register as a DSTV dealer with Multichoice Africa, this Page discussed the basic steps and requirements on how to register and become a MultiChoice DStv business partner in Nigeria. Ghana. South Africa. Kenya and Zambia.

DStv is the largest sub-Saharan African digital TV Satellite company owned and managed by MultiChoice Group. The digital Satellite services streams live TV shows, movies, and kinds of music in many African countries.

Nigeria seems to be its biggest market hub with over 40% of the entire number of active subscribers. which currently number around 12 million.

MultiChoice South Africa joins the lead with Kenya, Ghana, Angola, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Uganda, Mauritius, Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania, Lesotho, Ethiopia, Republic of the Congo, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon, and Botswana having millions of active users.

If you are residing in any of these countries mentioned above, you can tap into this business opportunity and become an authorized DSTV agent/dealer.

MultiChoice Group provides a great business opportunity for those who want to start up a business. As a DStv agent/dealer, you are representing the MultiChoice group in your locality to sell and install their products (eg. DStv Explora) to customers.

MultiChoice Agent Registration Process

Before we go ahead with the MultiChoice Agent Registration, it is very important to discuss the two basic types of DStv agent/dealer and requirements.

  1. Super agents/dealers
  2. Sub-agents/dealers

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Super Agents/Dealers

A super agent or dealer owns a franchise with the MultiChoice Group. They represent the company in all capacities in their locality. To become a DStv super-agent/dealer requires huge capital investment into the multiChoice franchise. This investment may run into millions.

Roles Of DSTV Super Dealers

The duty of a super dealer or agent is to help people find out more about MultiChoice products and services. A DSTV dealer is the face of the company when signing a contract with new customers. And as such, you will be answering questions and providing solutions to any technical problems arising from the products and other services.

As a super-dealer or agent, it’s your core responsibility to activate new customers’ access to the network. Sell new decoders to sub-agent or to customers directly, and exchange the old decoders for new models to customers. Another part of your duty is to organize technical training for the sub-agent or group.

Sub Agents/Dealers

DSTV sub-dealers are mainly DSTV installers and technical assistant agents. Becoming a DSTV sub-agent or dealer is almost free since you require not to pay for agent membership. You are only required to pay for the technical training fee.

The technical training fee is important because part of your duty as a sub-agent is to install DStv products and render technical related services to customers. In the course of the technical training, DSTV will take you through all the technical steps on how to install DSTV decoders, and how to detect and resolve DSTV errors.

Roles of a DSTV Sub-Agents

The major functions performed by DSTV sub-agents/dealers include:

  • Help customer purchase DSTV Products
  • Installation of DSTV decoders and dishes for Customers
  • Help users fix DSTV errors,
  • Resolve issues involving subscription packages.

MultiChoice Agent Registration Requirements

For a successful MultiChoice Agent Registration, There are basic requirements you must meet to become an accredited DSTV dealer or agent. These requirements for MultiChoice Agent Registration include:


Capital is the number one determinant if you want to become a DSTV Super-dealer or agent. You need money to purchase a franchise license, rent an office, and DStv products in large quantities. But as a Sub-agent or dealer, you will need less capital except for your training fee.

Have a Registered Business or Company

You must have a registered business you will use to carry out all Multichoice services. MultiChoice want to make sure you are credible and reliable before they can entrust you with their business franchise. You are the face of DSTV in your locality and must represent them in all capacities.

Have a Business Location

Your business location is the place customers can easily find you to purchase DSTV products and pay for DSTV services. You need to rent an official/store for your DSTV operations.

How to Register to Be a DSTV Agent

If you have met the MultiChoice agent registration requirements and now need details on how to register with multichoice and become an accredited DSTV dealer, then, we have a simple instruction you can follow below.

  • Contact a DSTV customer care for inquiries about the DStv dealership.
  • Go to Multichoice offices near to you in your country and request for dstv agent registration form.
  • Fill out the MultiChoice agent registration form with your valid details.
  • Submit the agent form to the right department at the Multichoice office.
  • Multichoice will check your agent application form info for authentication.
  • If MultiChoice approved your agent application, they will direct with the next step.
  • Multichoice will schedule for your training.

MultiChoice will you on a training course where you learn all technical know-how on DSTV decoder and dish installation. This is training will help to understand all DSTV error codes and how to resolve them.

As a MultiChoice super-dealer, you will be tested on interpersonal skills. That is to say, you must be able to handle customer complaints and tolerate their excesses.


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