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OPay Debit Card – 5 Quick Steps to Apply & Activate OPay card

OPay Debit Visa Card is now available for fast cash and other online transaction. If you’re yet to get an OPay debit Visa card and wish to have one, we’ve provided you with an easy to follow steps.

OPay Debit Visa Card Benefits & Reward

OPay Debit Visa Card comes with lots of benefits and privileges. Just like every other rewarding card, the OPay debit card can be used for fast transactions for payments of products and services both online and offline.

OPay allows the first 10,000 customers to apply for an OPay debit card to enjoy annual cashback at activation, 90 free bank transfers for 1 month, and no fees on all bill payments.

Exclusive Features of OPay Debit Visa Card

  • Make purchases via POS, Web, and ATM anywhere OPay service is supported.
  • No liability on card lost/stolen
  • Cardholder inquiry service
  • Lost/stolen reporting
  • More than 15% Owealth interest
  • Free maintenance fee

How to Qualify for OPay Debit Card Reward Benefits

There are some requirements to complete to be eligible for the OPay debit visa card reward:

  • Request for the OPay debit visa card on the OPay mobile app
  • Activate your OPay debit visa card on the OPay mobile app
  • Use the OPay debit card at least 5 times for any type of transaction.


Before you apply for an OPay debit Visa card, you must:

  • have an Opay account.
  • fund your OPay account.
  • Install OPay mobile app on your phone
  • have an internet-enabled device to access OPay web or OPay mobile app.

How to Apply

The application process is simple and straightforward. All you need is to go to the OPay web page or OPay Mobile app to get started. However, for easy guidance, follow the instructions below:

Download OPay Mobile App

The first step of the OPay debit card application is the installation of the OPay mobile app on your mobile devices. The OPay mobile app helps you to run transactions with your smartphone. Visit the Google Play Store to download OPay app for your Android devices, or visit the Apple Store to install the OPay Mobile app for your iPhone and other iOS devices.

After a successful installation, tap on the OPay mobile app to open it. Then, proceed to register for username and password. The username and password give you access to the app.

Create an OPay Account

After installing the OPay mobile app on your smartphone, the next step is to register for an OPay account if you don’t have an OPay account yet. Note, you can create an OPay account from the OPay mobile app or from the OPay web.

Creating an OPay Account from OPay Web

  • Go to OPay website
  • Click on Create User Account.
  • Complete your details and submit your application.
  • Then, verify your OPay account information such as your phone number or/and email address.

Creating an OPay account from OPay Mobile App

  • Tap on the OPay mobile app on your phone
  • Login to the app with your username and password
  • Then, proceed to create an OPay account by tapping on create account.
  • Complete your details and submit to create your OPay account
  • finally, verify you phone/email address to get your account ready.

Fund your OPay account

Once your OPay account is ready, the next thing to do is to fund your account. To fund your OPay account, simply tap the OPay mobile app to open it. Then, navigate to the Menu and select Transfer Funds. Finally, select your bank and enter your payment details.

Request for OPay Debit Card

  • Tap the OPay app to open it.
  • Login with your username and password
  • Just tap on ME to make a request
  • Locate the Request for Opay Debit card and tap on it.
  • Choose your means of Identity verification (National ID, Driver Licence, Intl. Passport.)
  • Select your delivery location.
  • Fill all information as required.
  • Finally, make your Opay debit card payment fee for ATM.

How to Activate OPay Debit Visa Card

In a nutshell, we will show you how you can activate your OPay debit card. The process is not that too hard, in just a few steps you are done. All you need to do is to login into your OPay mobile app to start the activation process. Then, visit any nearby Zenith bank ATM stand to complete the activation.


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