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Opay Wealth Investment Program – How to invest in OWealth

Opay Wealth Investment Program is an investment platform built inside the Opay app, where you can invest in Opay and get 10% annual interest returns on your investment. Unlike most conventional banking institutions, OWealth is bringing something different to the table. This page explains everything you need to know about Opay Wealth Investment Program and how to invest in the program successfully.

Opay Wealth investment program gives investors a 10% interest on their investment. This is higher than the highest 6% banks can offer on your investment.

However, WEMA Bank is the only bank in Nigeria that came up with an ALERT investment scheme. The WEMA bank ALERT was the only one that stands out among others. But Opay Wealth Investment Program has come to compete with ALART in that financial space.

What is OWealth

OWealth simply means Opay wealth. On the other hand, Owealth investment program is called Opay Wealth investment Program.

Therefore, OWealth is an investment avenue where investors can invest any amount of money and earn 10% annual interest. If you are an investor looking for where to invest, OWealth is the right place.

Opera pay (OPay) is offering the OWealth investment scheme under the license of BlueRidge Microfinance Bank Limited. The OWealth product will be available to you once you have complied with OPay Know Your Customer process and your identity verified.

Why Opay Wealth Investment Program

Opay Wealth Investment Program allows you to earn a 10% interest on your investment. All interest accrued on your OWealth wallet will be calculated annually and credited daily. If you wish to withdraw funds from your OWealth Wallet, the funds will be transferred to your Opay Wallet. Any interest on your investment is payable on funds you invest in OWealth wallet once it has completed 24 hours. This is different from the investment schemes run by conventional banks. You can withdraw your funds without losing the interest you have earned.

Follow this link to see how to invest on OPay ORide

How to Invest in OWealth Investment Scheme

To invest in OWealth is very simple. The first step is to download and install OPay App on your Android or iOS phones. After you have installed the App, then create an account with OPay. Now follow the steps below to invest in OWealth.

  1. Download Opay App
  2. Sign up for OPay account.
  3. Fund your OPay account.
  4. Top up OWealth investment.
  5. Enter the amount you want to invest in.
  6. Click on the Next button.
  7. Then Confirm.

Here are detailed step by steps procedures on how to invest in Opay Wealth Investment Program.

Download and Install OPay App

The very first you need to have on your device is the Opay App. OWealth is built right inside the OPay App. If you have not downloaded it yet, you can download and install the Opay app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store for your Android and IOS prospectively.

Sign Up for OPay Account

The next step is to sign up for an Opay account. You can create a new Opay account right inside the app or go to the Opay website to do so. All you are required is to fill in your personal details and then sign up for an account with Opay.

Fund the OPay Account

Once you are done with the account creation, sign in by filling in the necessary information required. Then you can proceed to fund your OPay wallet account by clicking on the OWealth icon. Read the terms and conditions carefully to understand every detail before subscribing. Then accept the Opay terms and conditions to proceed with the Owealth funding.

Fund your OWealth Investment Program

This is the final stage of the Opay Wealth investment program. Now fill in the amount you want to invest, after that confirm your investment amount.

Finally, OPay will send you a debit alert, just click done to complete the process. And that’s all you need to do to become an investor. Opay will credit your 10% interest daily to your OWealth balance.


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