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8 Easy Ways to Play Music Offline on Audiomack with X-plore

Audiomack is one of the most popular platforms where artists share the latest songs and allow fans to discover and download them free. It will interest you to know that Audiomack lets you play songs online and offline. But one surprising thing is that you will not share those cool vibes with friends. However, there are ways to download and play music offline on Audiomack for free and transfer it to other devices and to Friends.

So, on this page, I will be walking you through the basic steps that will help you to download and play music offline on Audiomack music and be able to share them or transfer to friends or to other devices.

Amazing Features of Audiomack

Audiomack is not just a platform where artists share music online. It is also a perfect place where music lovers get the most recent songs and makes them available online for fans to download and play music offline on Audiomack.

It is my joy and privilege to share with you these amazing features that make Audiomack lovely. Below are these amazing features of Audiomack:

  • Audiomack lets you download music, mixtapes or albums and have them played offline.
  • Ability to create playlists to collect your favorite music without limitation.
  • Search curated playlists by mood, genre, and many others.
  • You can as well follow your favorite artists and producers to get updates.
  • You don’t need a user account to download music or album from Audiomack.
  • Audiomack is an ads-free website. wow, this is amazing. That means you can always stream your music online without interruption from adverts.

Ways to Play Music Offline on Audiomack

Use File Explorer

Audiomack has its own simple way you can use to download music from the platform. There is always a down arrow next to each song on Audiomack, the arrow is also found in the top bar of albums and playlists.

All you need to do is to look for the down arrow button and click on it and the song is downloaded to your device.

However, lots of users don’t like to download music from Audiomack through this method. The reason has been that Audiomack song downloaded in this way get the file compressed to a large size. This would take extra time and data to get the file unzipped. More also, songs downloaded are not transferable.

File explorer helps you to download music in a simpler file format with a fewer data and play music offline on Audiomack from your mobile device.

Therefore, I recommend you to use the X-plore file manager instead. With the X-plore, you can download music freely in high-quality MP3 format into your Andriod phone or tablet.

An X-plore is mostly recommended and You can download it from the Google Play Store. However, to make things easier for you, we’ve provided a direct download link here, which you can use to download the file X-plorer.

Download Audiomack App

You should already have the Audiomack app installed on your Andriod phone and have songs downloaded on the app. If you are yet to download Audiomack on your Andriod phone, head straight to Google Play Store and tap the Install button to get the app on your phone.

After getting the X-plore and Audiomack installed on your phone, you can then move to the next steps.

Launch the Audiomack app

  • Launch the Audiomack app from your Android device to get it open.
  • Download new songs on the Audiomack app if you don’t have songs on it yet.
  • From the home screen, switch to the Offline section.

Make a List of Songs

  • Now go to your Audiomack music Player and tap the offline tab to get to the music you have downloaded before
  • Tap the gear icon to Sort the songs from the newest or A-Z or to Oldest depending on the song you want to transfer to your phone or play offline.

Launch the X-plore

  • It’s time to launch the X-plore File Manager you’ve on your phone to open it,
  • Once you have launched the X-plore, go to your Internal Storage and select SD Card. That is if t you’re using an SD Card as your preferred storage media.

Search for Audiomack File Directory

  • Locate the Android folder in the Internal Storage and open it
  • Tap on Data and search for com.audiomack folder.
  • Tap on the com.audiomack folder to open it

Note: X-plore support only Andriod phone with operating systems not later than Android 11. If your Andriod phone is less than Andriod 11, your Android Data folder will be empty.

Locate songs in the Audiomack Folder

  • Once you’ve tapped on the com.audiomack folder, the next thing is to select Files to open it
  • Tap the Audiomack folder to get it open. This is the final destination where you’ll find all the songs you’ve downloaded on the Audiomack app.
  • Note: the list of files in the folder will not appear in a familiar file type, X-plore will provide you with the list of files that are named with some unknown extension (eg 234567).
  • However, those are the files that we need, they are the list of songs you have downloaded on your Audiomack app. What you need to do is to rename them into the rightful extension (eg give it the name the song represents).

Rename File Extensions to .mp3

Before you’ll transfer the file extensions to be played offline, you’ll have to rename each file extension and end it with .mp3. If you’ve properly sorted all the songs in the newest as I instructed in the previous section, renaming the file extensions from the X-plore will not be a problem.

  • Press and long hold every single file to bring up the rename option, once the rename option appears, tap on it to name the file extension as you want them to appear on your audiomack list. remember to end the name with .mp3.
  • Carry out the same process with all other files until you complete renaming all the music you want on your file manager or other music Player list. This will help you to play them offline and also transfer them to friends.
  • Once you have renamed all files, you can then move all the edited songs to your desired folder on your phone and start enjoying them on your main playlist.

That’s all needed to play music offline on Audiomack. And start sharing and transferring music from audiomack to friends and other devices of your choice.


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