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Prime Video Watch Party: 4 best steps to watch Amazon Prime Videos with Friends

Amazon Prime Video Watch Party is a new feature that allows prime users to chat and watch videos with friends and family. With the watch party feature, users will be able to watch Tv shows and movies in real-time. This page will walk you through all steps of creating an Amazon Prime video watch party and streaming live TV shows and movies with friends.

Prime Video Watch Party Eligibility

Who is eligible to stream the Amazon Prime video watch party? The Prime video watch party is available to all Amazon Prime Video subscribers. Once you are a Prime subscriber, you’re eligible to create a watch party on Amazon Prime or join an Amazon Prime video watch party with friends online.

With the Amazon Prime video watch party, Prime users from the same country as the host can join a Watch Party once they have a valid invite link. This implies that, for you to access Priime eligible content, you must be an Amazon Prime member/subscriber.

Sign Up for Amazon Prime Membership

Once you’re not an Amazon Prime member, you’ll not be able to create a Watch Party. So, if you’re a Non-Prime member and Prime subscriber, you must have to Sign Up for Prime membership. This will allow you to take a free trial.

Ways to Prime Watch Party

There is a number of ways you can access the Prime watch party:

  • Choose from great titles included with Prime.
  • Rent or Buy movies

All you need to do is to decide on a movie or TV episode and select the titles of the movies or TV episodes.

However, note that live content and Prime Video Channels content aren’t currently available for Watch Parties. If you wish to host a Watch Party for titles available for rental or purchase, you need to rent or buy that title in order to use it in the watch party.

You can also buy or rent content from friends and family. So, if you are renting or buying non-Prime titles for a watch party, both you as the host and the participants will need to have access to titles.

How to Access Prime Watch Party

There are a number of ways you can access the Prime Watch Party. We discussed the ways to access Prime Video in the subheadings below.

Desktop Computers

Amazon Prime Watch Party feature is available on desktop/laptop computers. You can only access it through Chrome and Firefox browsers. The service is not yet available on Internet Explorer and Apple’s Safari browsers.

Prime Video App

Amazon Watch Party feature is also available on Fire TV devices, Android mobile phones, Android tablets or Fire tablets, iPhones and iPads. You can only access Prime watch Party on these supported devices through the Prime Video app.

Other devices such as smart TVs, game consoles, and connected media players are currently not supported for the playback of Watch Parties.

How to Start Watching Party on Prime

There are four (4) best steps to starting watching Amazon Prime videos with friends together. We’ve listed and discussed them in the subheadings below.

Select Watch Party Option On the Detail Page

After you’ve signed up for an Amazon Prime membership, the next step is to start the Prime video watch party.

On the title page, you can see the details of the movies you wish to watch. Find the movie or TV episode. There is a Watch Party icon, click on the Watch Party icon on your screen for movies to select it.

Provide Your Details to Create Watch Party

Since Amazon Prime allows you to chat while watching movies or TV shows, you will be asked to select a chat name before you can begin the watch party. Enter the user name under What’s Your Name? Once the name has been assigned, click on Create Watch Party.

Generate a Prime Watch Party Link to Invite Friends

Once you click on the Create Watch Party tab, you will generate a Watch Party link which you will use to invite friends to join you. Invite friends using the Share icon or select Copy Link to share it via available third-party applications.

Note: all participants whom you are inviting to a Watch Party must have a Prime subscription. Amazon Prime permits you can to invite up to 100 participants. Any friend having a valid invite link can join and have a Watch Party together with you.

However, they must be leaving in the same country as you and have access to the content being shared, either through subscription or through rent or buy. Hosts can remove a Watch Party participant at their discretion.

Start watching and chatting

Once you and your invitees are ready, start your Watch Party. While having a watch party together, the host can play, pause, skip and seek for the group.


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