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How to Set Up Google Meet for Online Video Meeting

Contacting your team, colleagues, and business partners is now simpler than ever. You can connect with someone and start a video meeting through Google Meet. This article will teach you how to keep your team and organization connected online while maintaining security.

What is Meet?

Google Hangouts Meet is another name for Google Meet. The Google Meet hardware is designed for webcam conferencing. It enables people to communicate virtually, hold audio or video conferences, and share them from any location with an internet connection.

Hangouts Meet is designed to facilitate collaboration and effective communication between businesses and organizations. You can share your screen with other participants using Meet, and each participant has the option to at any time turn off their audio or video feed.

On this page, we will look at ways to use Google Meet for online video conferencing via your computer or mobile devices. Other topics we’ll be talking about include:

  • How Does Google Meet Work?
  • how to download the Meet app on both iOS and Android phones.

Before continuing, it’s crucial to realize that Google Meet is a premium service, as opposed to classical Hangouts. To enable the creation of a video meeting, Meet will require a Google Suite account or a custom email. So, visit G Suite to create an account if you don’t already have one or a custom email address.

But to join a video meeting, you do not need a G Suite account. You only need the Google Meet app for mobile devices and a supported web browser for a computer.

How Meet Works

Joining a video meeting with Google Meet hardware is as simple as typing the meeting name into the remote control or tapping the touchscreen. You only need a domain name, which Google will ask you to verify when you buy your device, and that’s all that’s required.

You can, however, schedule video meetings using Google Calendar and collaborate using other Google Workspace services if you have a Google Workspace account. Utilizing Google Meet hardware does not actually require a Google Workspace account, if you don’t, you can still share your computer screen and invite guests.

How to Use Google Meet for Online Video Meeting

We will walk you through the steps required to use Google Hangouts Meet in this section. Google Meet is such service for secure, high-quality video meetings and calls available for everyone, on any device. We will therefore walk you through using Meet with both a desktop computer and a mobile device.

Use Google Meet hardware on Computer

To use Hangouts Meet on computer, you must meet certain requirements. Once you’ve meet up the requirements for Google Meet, the next thing is signin to your G Suite account.

There are two ways to use Google Meet on computers:

  • From Gmail
  • From Google Meet

Using Gmail

To start a video meeting using you Gmail account, follow the steps below:

  • Login to your Gmail account
  • In the sidebar of your Gmail account, you’ll see a Meet New feature with a video sign. Click on it. If the Meet feature is not available in your Gmail account, contact G Suite administrator.
  • From the Google Meet window, There’re two options to join the meeting;
    • If you want to join using your computer’s camera for video and your computer’s microphone for audio, click Join now. See how to allow Hangouts access to your camera and microphone for details.
    • But if you want to join using the computer’s camera for video and use your phone for audio, click Join and use a phone for audio and then follow the on-screen prompts. See details on how to use a phone for audio in a video meeting

Using Google Hangouts Meet

To start a video meeting from Google Meet. follow the steps below:

  • Open your computer Web browser and type https://meet.google.com/. Or Click Video Meet to get started
  • Click Join or Start a Meeting button
  • Then, click Continue button
  • Finally, click Join Now

Use Google Meet on Mobile phone

Download Google Meet Apps

The following instructions apply to both iOS and Android devices. Downloading the Google Meet app is the first step in starting a video conference on a mobile device. To download the Google Meet app for Android or iOS phones, simply go to the Play Store or App Store.

Set Up Google Meet Apps on your Phone

Once the Meet app has been installed, proceed to the following steps to set up Meet and start video meeting on the go:

  • Open the Google Meet app.
  • Click Add New meeting or Tap Input Meeting code
  • Enter a meeting code or nickname,
  • Then click Join meeting. And you’re set to start meeting people with your mobile phone.

How to join a Google Hangout Meet call/Video Meeting

Because Google Meet synchronizes calls across all devices, you can start a call on multiple devices. A link to a video meeting can be sent to people outside of your company, but someone inside your company must grant them access to be able to participat.

There’re three ways to add people, just choose an option:

  • Sharing the meeting code: Just Copy joining info, then paste the info into a messaging app.
  • Invite people by phone: Click on add people button, then click Call and enter a phone number.
  • Sending invite via email: Click on add people, enter email addresses, then then, click Send.

To add participants, simply copy the joining information and paste it into an email. Then, click “Add people.” Under the Invite section, enter an email address to select a list of participants and click Send Invite. If you want to add participants by call, do the same thing under the Call section. Enter the participant’s phone number and click Call.


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