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How to Setup Zoom Meeting and Invite Others on Mobile/PCs

Hey there, how do I Setup Zoom Meeting? Ok, if you’re new to Zoom and want to know how to get started, read through this fast starter guide and follow each step. This Zoom page will guide you through setting up a Zoom account, zoom conference room, scheduling your first meeting, downloading the Zoom app/client for mobiles/PCs, and updating your Zoom profile.

What’s the point of being on Zoom in the first place?

When an in-person meeting is difficult, Zoom is the way to go. Zoom is a conference meeting software system that enables individuals, corporations, cooperatives, government agencies, and educational institutions to meet online.

The system is compact enough to fit on a desktop computer or a mobile device. Its basic component takes only a few minutes to set up. The Zoom Meeting and Zoom Conference Room are the two main programs that run on the system.

Other features include a video conferencing tool, audio conferencing, meeting recording, webinars, and live chat, among other functions.

How to Setup Zoom Meeting

We’ll go over how to get the Zoom app and set up a Zoom account in this article.

Downloading the Zoom App/Client for Mobile/PCs

We encourage everyone to download and install the Zoom app on their devices to have a positive experience with their first Zoom Meeting on a computer or mobile device. This is the first step in this how-to Setup Zoom meeting guide.

From the Zoom Downloads page, you may get the Zoom Desktop Client for Mac, Windows, Linux, and ChromeOS, as well as the Zoom Mobile App for iOS and Android. Or you may be prompted to download and install Zoom when you click the join link invitation from another Zoom user.

All you’ve to do is to click the download button under the Zoom Client. Then, the Zoom web browser client will immediately download. Once your web browser has downloaded the Zoom client, a file will appear on your screen, requesting you to save it or cancel it. Click Save File to download the app.

After you’ve finished downloading the Zoom Client, follow the installation instructions below to ensure that it’s correctly installed on your PC.

To install the Zoom client, double-click the Zoom client file you’ve saved to your computer. A new file will appear and ask if you wish to launch it. To begin the installation procedure, click the Run button.

A new question will appear, asking If you want to give this software permission to make modifications on your computer, simply click yes. After that, you’re done with the installation.

Setting Up a Zoom Account

The first step in setting up a Zoom account is to choose the Zoom plan you want to utilize. Zoom offers four separate accounts, each with its own set of features. You can create a Zoom account using the Zoom app or client that you have downloaded to your computer or mobile phone.

If you’re creating an individual free account, use your official email address to sign up. However, if you’re a system administrator signing up for a Pro, Business, or Enterprise account, Zoom will welcome you to become one of your company’s hosts.

Zoom offers four major accounts, each with its own set of features:

  • Basic Zoom Account and Features
  • Accounts and Features for Zoom Pro
  • Key features of the Zoom Business Account
  • Account and Features for Zoom Enterprise

To sign up for your free Zoom account, visit the Zoom sign-up page and input your email address to get your free Zoom account. Zoom will send you an email with more information. Click “Activate Account” in the email.

Zoom Room Setup

Zoom Room is a system-based room that transmits integrated audio and video conferencing, as well as wireless screen sharing. Attendees can use their PC or mobile device to join a Zoom from another room.

It’s easier than you might think to set up a Zoom Room or Zoom conference room. After this tutorial, you’ll be able to easily set up a Zoom conference room, conduct a conference meeting, and share your screen after this conversation. Let’s get started with the setup.

The following items are required for the setup process:

  • The conference room camera.
  • The conference room speaker
  • Microphone
  • computer to run meetings.
  • Keyboard
  • big screen display (an HDMI-supported TV works just fine).
  • Touch controller (iPad)

A computer system (macOS or Windows), an iPad, Android, or a tablet that supports and can run the Zoom Rooms software are required for each Zoom conference room.

Preparing for Zoom Conference Room Setup

We recommend you do the following before setting up Zoom Rooms:

Setting Up Zoom Conference Room

You’re only four steps away from having your Zoom meeting room up and running:

  • In the conference room, set up your hardware.
    • Install your TV, camera, PC, or Mac on the wall.
    • A camera, audio components, and a network are all required.
    • Connect the PC/Mac and the controller to the network.
    • Upgrade the firmware on your television, camera, and audio equipment (if required)
  • Configure your system (OS)
    • Set up your PC or Mac to work as a kiosk.
    • Set up your controller to work as a kiosk.
  • Install the Zoom Rooms program.
    • Download and install Zoom Rooms for Conference Rooms on your Mac or PC.
    • Download Zoom Rooms Controllers to your iOS Controller and Scheduling Display, Android Controller, or Windows Controller and install them.
    • Use the Pairing Code for rapid setup and the Activation Code to finish the setup for Zoom Rooms for Mac. Sign in to complete the setup for Zoom Rooms for PC.
    • Set the camera, microphone, speaker, and volume levels to default.
  • Verify and finish our setup.
    • Check the verification checklist and finish it.
    • Create notifications and keep an eye on your dashboard.

How to Set Up Your First Meeting

One of the Zoom extensions or plugins, like the Zoom client, the Zoom web portal, or another method is all available for scheduling meetings. Here are some simple guidelines for setting up your first Zoom meeting.

  • Log in to the Zoom website.
  • Select Meetings.
  • Simply select “Schedule a Meeting.”
  • Determine the meeting’s date and hour.
  • (Optional) Choose any other options that you want to apply.
  • Press Save.

How to Start a Meeting When You are the Host

There are various ways you, as the meeting host, can begin. The Appointments tab of your Zoom desktop client or mobile app will display a list of your forthcoming meetings. By the meeting’s name, click Start. Your meetings can also be started using the Zoom online interface.

  • Log in to the Zoom website.
  • Select Meetings.
  • Click Start next to the meeting you wish to start under Upcoming.
  • The conference should begin by automatically launching the Zoom client.

How to Invite People to a Meeting

Sharing the invitation or joining link is the simplest way to invite others to your meeting. By selecting Copy after booking your appointment, you can do this.

How to invite people to a meeting

Sharing the invitation or joining link is the simplest way to invite others to your meeting. Selecting “Copy the Invitation” after scheduling your meeting is the easiest way to invite others to your meeting.

To join up for any of the Zoom meeting plans for your company, go to Zoom plans and choose a plan.


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