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Skype Online – Make Connection Easy and Faster

Skype online helps you stay connected anywhere in the world. Have the best Skype experience with Skype calls and messages from your browser without having to install the Skype application on your mobile phone or desktop computer.

Why Skype Online?

Skype now provides all times experience with Skype online feature available in a web browser in one click. This is a completely functional Skype in-browser application. With Skype online, you get straight to business without having to install a Skype app on your phone or desktop.

Skype in-browser app gives you instant access to messaging and video calling from your browser. You don,t need to install the Skype application on your device to make connections and stay connected.

Skype Features

Skype offers exciting features that allow hundreds of millions of people to use Skype to chat and call every day. Some these features include:

Audio and HD video calling

Make audio and video call in one to one or group calls up to 100 people. See how easy to create and join any meeting with Skype on the web. Make an affordable international call to offline friends and relation to mobiles and landlines.

Smart messager

Send and react to any message instantly with fun reactions to attract someone’s attention. Skype is an instant messenger app that allows you to send messages in real-time. With the Skype app, you are allowed to send instant messages from your desktop or mobile devices.

Screen sharing

Use integrated screen sharing to share presentations, photos or anything on your screen during a call.

Call recording and Live subtitles

Capture special moments and key decisions with Skype call recording. Use live captions and subtitles to read the spoken words.

Private conversations

Keep your sensitive conversations private with end-to-end encryption. Sync up your conversations and chat history with Skype in your browser for easy access.

Notifications panel

Use the bell icon to see all reactions to your messages, @mentions in group conversations, or when someone quoted you in one central place.

Search chat gallery

Use the search chat gallery on Skype to browse all your media easily. Simply select the type of media you want to search.

How to Stay Safe on Skype

Because we want to ensure your safety, there are a few things that we recommend you do if you use Skype online on a public or shared computer.

InPrivate window

Open Skype online in a new InPrivate browser window in Edge or a new Incognito browser window in Chrome. No cookies will be used, and no data will be saved.

Signing in

When signing into Skype, make sure the option to keep yourself signed in is unchecked.

Always sign out

You can either select your profile picture and select sign-out or select sign out from the bottom of your browser window


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