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Upload Music to Audiomack – 2 best ways to get your songs on Audiomack

One frequent question hitting Audiomack is how do I upload music to Audiomack. If you are an artist and you’re new to Audiomack, and you’re reading this page because you want to upload music to Audiomack, then, you’re in the right place. We’ve got you covered, here are step-by-step procedures need to Upload music to Audiomack.

Audiomack is an intuitive free music upload system. It is where both artists and labels share their music without restrictions. The Audiomack intuitive upload system allows artists to create free accounts with unlimited storage space,

However, before we proceed with detailed steps on how to upload music to Audiomack, we consider it a necessity to first state some basic tips you must first put in place. This will help you get started fast and upload music to Audiomack without problems.

Useful Tips Required to Upload Music to Audiomack

First, before you get started with the Audiomack music upload system, there are things you must first do. These things are basic and must be properly done to be able to put your music out there on the web.

  • First, create an Account with Audiomack to be able to access the upload system.
  • Complete your Creator Profile to help fans discover and match your content to your persona.
  • Choose a unique name for your channel. Name that fans will always use to search for you.
  • Create a high audio quality file
  • Add the songs to your account
  • Add hashtags to make it Public and reach more listeners
  • Ensure you add the song to the right genre because all songs belong to a particular genre.

2 Ways to Get Your Songs on Audiomack

Audiomack is a music-sharing platform and it’s getting popular among artists nowadays. It remains the best free platform for sharing music online. , it gives independent artists a level ground in sharing their music to millions of listeners in the world all for free.

Audiomack gives artists a level playground to be able to share their music with millions of global audiences for free without limits.

However, file uploading is only available on the Audiomack desktop and mobile web. The Audiomack App is only used for streaming and social sharing or using an Audiomack downloader to get music into your device and play offline

How to Upload Music to Audiomack

To upload music on Audiomack, you must have an Audiomack account as we stated above. That’s what you need to upload and move music forward online. Whether you have one track or one million, Audiomack lets you upload them with a user-friendly upload system and unlimited storage for your music, podcasts, and more.

There are only two (2) ways in which you can upload music to Audiomack, and they are:

  • Audiomack desktop web, and
  • Audiomack mobile web.

Upload Music to Audiomack via Desktop Web

Kindly follow these steps to upload your music on the Audiomack desktop web:

  1. Head straight to the Audiomack homepage
  2. Click on the Upload at the top right to take you to the upload page.
  3. Select an Upload type from four options. “example:
    1. Song,
    2. Album/EP,
    3. Podcast, and
    4. DJ mix”.
  4. Click the Next button to continue
  5. Browse through your music files or drag and drop the file right into the Audiomack window
  6. Fill in the song details, including :
    1. features,
    2. production credits, and
    3. add your art cover.
  7. Click on the Metadata and Release tabs, to set up private or promo links. Remember to:
    1. set a specific release time,
    2. edit your track’s URL to make it easy for fans to find and link with.
    3. You can as well choose if you want to enable the download button or not
  8. Finally, click Finish to upload music to Audiomack.

Congratulations, your track is available online for sharing. You can go ahead and share them with your fans on Twitter, Facebook, and other social platforms you operate.

Upload Music on Audiomack Via Mobile Web

Uploading music via Audiomack mobile web follows similar procedures as on the desktop web. The only difference is that you’ll have to use the avatar.

From your mobile web browser, visit the Audiomack mobile web. Once you are logged in on the mobile web, follow the steps below to upload music to Audiomack for free.

  1. Tap the Avatar in the bottom right to take you to your artist page.
  2. Then, tap on the Gear icon over the avatar
  3. Tap on Upload to take to the Audiomack upload page.
  4. Select the File type and tap the Next button
  5. Browse through your files or drag and drop your music file right into the Audiomack window.
  6. Fill in the song details, including features, and production credits, and add your art cover.
  7. Tap on the Metadata and Release tabs, to set up private or promo links.
  8. Finally, hit the Finish button to upload music to Audiomack.

Finally, your songs are now available online via the Audiomack mobile web. So, what’s next, start sharing links to your Audiomack page with fans on Twitter, Facebook, and other social platforms you operate.

How to Fix Or Change upload Errors

To fix or change any upload errors in your file is easy and simple. Go back to the edit gear icon on your music upload page and make changes to your music through the music page itself: You can as well use your upload management page located at https://audiomack.com/dashboard. The dashboard is where every song you’ve uploaded is displayed.


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