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2 Simple Ways to Upload Music to SoundCloud – Share on iOS & Android

We’ll show you how to upload music to SoundCloud using your smartphone or computer. This tutorial is specifically created for musicians who want to upload music to SoundCloud. And optimize their soundtracks to make them more discoverable on SoundCloud and the internet.

Why Should You Upload Music to SoundCloud?

With millions of users, SoundCloud is one of the top platforms for music and podcast streaming in the world. It is a place where songwriters and producers share their favorite songs on a daily basis. Uploading your music to the site allows you to share it with music fans worldwide.

SoundCloud offers a variety of streaming platforms, including the web, iOS, Android, Sonos, Chromecast, and Xbox One.

SoundCloud Upload Fundamentals

SoundCloud Format Requirements

SoundCloud has supported formats as well as conditions that must be met before uploading music to the website. It is vital to inform you that SoundCloud only accepts the following file formats: AIFF, WAVE, FLAC, ALAC, OGG, MP2, MP3, AAC, AMR, and WMA.

There is a file size limitation in addition to the allowed format. Any file more than 5 Gigabytes in size or lasting more than 6 hours and 45 minutes will not be allowed to be uploaded.

There are a plethora of file conversion apps available on the internet if you have a music file that is incompatible with the SoundCloud accepted format. UniConverter is one such piece of converting software.

Convert Incompatible Music Files

The first step is to install the converting program on your computer or mobile device. Then, to get started, run the software. Now, to convert your music file to a SoundCloud-compatible format, follow the steps below.

  1. Import video/audio/image/DVD files into the software using the plus button, or just drag the file into the software from your computer.
  2. Select the export format you want.
  3. Begin converting the files.

How to Upload Music to SoundCloud

Sign up for a SoundCloud Account

You’ll need an account to upload music to SoundCloud. It’s simple to set up a SoundCloud account. You can sign up for a SoundCloud account for free using your Facebook, Google, Apple, or email address.

To create a SoundCloud account, go to the Upload page. The “Create Account” button will appear in the top right corner of your screen. Click the Create Account button and select the account you want to create.

Continue by pressing the Enter key. To validate your account, SoundCloud will ask for your email address. To complete the signup procedure, simply fill in the essential fields with the correct information. Accept the Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. Look for an email from SoundCloud in your inbox.

To validate your email address, follow the instructions in the email. Your SoundCloud account will be ready to use once you have verified your email address.

Upload Music to SoundCloud

You can start uploading songs once you’ve created a SoundCloud account. To begin, go to the Upload page. Use the Upload icon on the top navigation bar of your screen. You may either drag and drop the file onto the screen or select ‘Choose a file to upload’ once you’re on the Upload page.

When you select an audio file to upload, it will begin uploading immediately, and SoundCloud will transcode it so that it can be streamed on SoundCloud.

For streaming listening, SoundCloud usually transcodes all tracks to 128 kbps mp3. You can add any additional track information, such as the title, tags, and album, while your track is uploading. Other users will be able to find your music file this way.

Optimize SoundCloud Music File

Uploading your music to SoundCloud is simply the beginning of your musical journey. It’s crucial to make them easy to locate. You must optimize your music files to improve their discoverability both on SoundCloud and the internet in order to get your soundtracks heard by a wide range of users.

In this section, we’ll show you how to optimize your SoundCloud audio files and get your soundtracks in front of the proper audience. You can ensure that your music is well-indexed and easily discoverable by your fans by optimizing your metadata with suitable titles, descriptions, and tags.

How to Optimize Your SoundCloud Music Files

We’ll concentrate our discussion on three key pieces of information you’ll need to provide in order for people all around the world to find your music on SoundCloud and listen to them.

Optimize Basic Information Page

The basic info area is where you upload your track photo and fill in your track title, genre, tags, and description.

Add Track Photo

When uploading a music file, include a picture. A 2 MB image size is accepted by SoundCloud. We recommend uploading an a.jpg or.png file with a resolution of at least 800 pixels by 800 pixels for the best results. For track artwork, square images work best.

Simply click the Update Image button to add an image button while your track is uploading. After that, crop your image before saving it.

Add a Title and URL

Your fans will be able to tell what they’re listening to thanks to the track titles. Make your headline stand out and avoid repeating information that has already been published. The length of a track title must be between one and one hundred characters.

Title your tracks “Artist Name” if you’re uploading from a label or media partner account. Important information, such as celebrity guests and conversation subjects, should be included for podcasters and journalists. In simple words, think of your track title as the track’s headline.

Add a Genre and Tags

The genre serves as the track’s initial tag. Select and add the major genre of your track in the Genre section, or enter your own custom genre.

The tags field is where you can add a tag. Tags let your followers figure out what kind of music you’re playing. The tags make it easier for your listeners to find it in SoundCloud search results.

Add a Description

Your fans can discover more about what they’re listening to by reading the track description. By adding ‘@’ to the beginning of your collaborator’s profile name, you can insert track lyrics or connect to their SoundCloud profiles. The maximum length of a track description is 4,000 characters.

Set Privacy

You can choose whether your music is public or private on SoundCloud. If you want to make it public, anyone can listen to and play your song as soon as it is uploaded. Your tracks will be hidden from your audience or followers if you choose to make them private.

Your private track can only be shared via private links; it will not appear on your public profile and will not be searchable on SoundCloud.

You can also arrange when your music will be released to the public. The scheduled track will be secret until the day you specify in the settings, at which point it will become public.

Only Pro Unlimited customers, however, have the ability to schedule uploads, and the feature is presently only available on the web.

To establish your track’s privacy and scheduling options, click the bubble next to the availability and select either private, public, or scheduled, then save.

Optimize Your Metadata

You can add a buy link, license, record label, and release date to your music in the metadata section.

Add a Buy link to your track so that your followers can buy it from a different streaming service. Pro and Pro Unlimited subscribers have access to this feature.

All you have to do is pick All Rights Reserved or Creative Commons from the track’s Metadata page if you want your music to have a license.

You have automatic copyright authority over any creative work you create with All Rights Reserved. By selecting All Rights Reserved, you’re telling other authors that they can’t use your work.

How to Share SoundCloud Music on iOS & Android

Directly from the SoundCloud app and site, you can share your favorite tracks, profiles, albums, or playlists to Instagram and Facebook Stories, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, messaging services like Whatsapp, and more.

Share on iOS & Android

Please ensure that you are using the most recent versions of SoundCloud and your social media applications on iOS or Android.

Follow the instructions below to share music tracks on iOS and Android:

  1. Find the music, profile, album, or playlist you wish to share in the current version of the SoundCloud app.
  2. Select the share icon.
  3. Tap the symbol of the social media app with which you want to share it.
  4. Before posting, you can make changes to your tales, such as adding text or a SoundCloud Giphy sticker.
  5. Once you’ve finished modifying your post, send it to all of your fans, followers, or friends.

Share Audio Snippets on Instagram Stories

You can now post audio clips of your favorite songs via Instagram stories!

  1. Find the track you wish to share in the newest version of the SoundCloud app.
  2. A speaker badge will appear on the track if audio snippets are permitted.
  3. Tap the Instagram Stories icon to open it.
  4. Before posting, you can make changes to your Instagram stories, such as adding text or a SoundCloud Giphy sticker.
  5. When you’re through editing, share it with all of your fans, followers, or friends.


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