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Zoho Mail Sign Up: 5 Steps to Set Up Business Email in Zoho

Zoho Mail is a unique email hosting service that offers excellent protection against fake emails. If you are looking for a fast and clean email with a productivity suite solution for your business or organization, consider Zoho Mail. In this Zoho Mail Sign Up, we’ll walk you through 5 step procedures of setting up your domain with Zoho Mail for a business email address.

Zoho Mail Sign Up is a professional way of creating a business email address that gives your organization the authenticity and visibility it deserves. The Zoho Mail Sign Up has a Forever Free Plan that supports up to five mailboxes with a free 5GB storage space. This implies that you can create a free Zoho Mail account for up to five users on a single domain name and each of them having to a 5GB storage space to work with.

Zoho Mail Sign Up

Zoho mail offers two types of email addresses:

  • A Business email address, and
  • Personal email address.

Hence, it is important you define the purpose of the mail you want before deciding to create an email address with Zoho Mail.

However, whether you’re going for a business email address or personal email address, Zoho Mail Sign Up still offers the easiest, most cost-effective, and simplest mode of communication to users.

Creating Personal Email Address with Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail Sign Up procedure for a personal email address is super easy like creating every other email. All you need to do is to log in to Zoho Mail Sign Up page and follow the on-page instruction.

But to help you get started as fast as possible, we’ll walk you through every step you need to sign up for a personal email with Zoho Mail.

  • Visit Zoho.com/mail
  • Check the small round button beside Personal Email.
  • Enter all your personal details in the registration form.
    • Choose your email address
    • Choose your password,
    • Enter your first and last name,
    • Enter your phone number
    • Check the small box to accept Zoho Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
  • Once you’re signed up, Zoho will send a verification code to the sign-up phone number. Enter the verification code and click VERIFY MY MOBILE button to verify your phone number.
Zoho Mail Sign Up Image
Personal Email in Zoho

Creating Free Business Email Address with Zoho Mail

When considering an email with a full productivity suite solution for your business, then, Zoho Mail is a great option. Zoho Mail has a free plan that’s fully feature-packed.

Creating a business email address in Zoho Mail follows a similar Zoho Mail Sign Up procedure, all you need is to sign up and fill in your details.

To get started with Zoho Mail:

  • Visit Zoho.com/mail. By default, the Business Email option is already checked
  • Click SIGN UP FOR FREE to proceed.
Zoho Mail Image
Business Email In Zoho

Once you signed up for free, you will be taken to the next page which contains the Zoho premium package. Just scrolls down to get to the free Zoho mail plan known as Forever Free Plan.

Zoho Forever Free Plan Image
Forever Free Plan

Click Sign Up Now under the Forever Free Plan. You will be redirected to a new page where you’re required to Sign up with a domain name.

How to Add Domain In Zoho Mail

Zoho allows you to create a custom email address by connecting Zoho Mail to your existing domain name. If you already have an existing domain, for the instruction to add your domain in Zoho Mail properly.

  • Select Sign up with a domain I already own
  • Enter your domain name and click add to continue.
  • Now provide the domain registration details and click Proceed.
  • The next page will display a summary of your Contact Details, the Plan you have chosen, and the Domain Details. Confirm if your details are correct, and click Sign Up.


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